Osho Heart Festival in Lisbon


Milarepa’s invitation to the Meditation and Celebration Festival in Lisbon.

Lisbon remains one of my favorite cities in the world. Rolling stone that I am, someone most at-home when moving, I always get the feeling in Lisbon of “Oh, I could live here.” It has just that vibe for me. Something clicks.

Portugal is a small country with a big history. Historically speaking, when Portugal looked to Europe it saw endless war and hardship. So Portugal looked to the sea, to the far horizons, and became a country of explorers. Perhaps this sense of adventure is what keeps pulling me and others to its shores in recent years.

Because of the Family Constellation workshops of Darshan and the annual Osho Heart Festival sponsored by the International Darshan Zen Meditation Center, Lisbon has become a gathering place of fellow travelers, seekers and meditators. And of course celebrators!

So I am very happy to be here again.

Why not set a course and sail your ship home to beautiful, warm and sunny Portugal? I don’t think you will be disappointed.

For a taste of things to come, please enjoy this short clip:

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August 13 – 16 Portugal (Lisbon)
Osho Heart Festival
contact: Darshan (phone 96 65 190 65) / Sunito (phone 96 65 190 65) / Center (phone 213 149 726)
email: darshan@darshanzen.com

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