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As many of our readers know, Prabhavati Dwabha has created a remarkable NGO in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Established decades ago, it is located on a hill overlooking the River Ganges at Rishikesh, India, helping in particular orphans and destitute children from India and Nepal. Ramana’s Garden is presently home to almost 70 at risk children with a free English medium school for over 160 students from Ramana’s Garden and local underprivileged families. The school provides classes from kindergarten to eighth grade. Also, children from local villages are supported with clothing, medical help and food. The work is shared by volunteers from all over the world and while Prabhavati Dwabha oversees all activities personally, she also often lends a hand in cooking the mostly organic food that is available at their very popular café, also called Ramana’s Garden. Her boundless energy and tireless fundraising ensures that she is able to help so many disadvantaged children, in spite of the red tape that has been thrown against her again and again.

Ramana's Garden School
Miracles happen: … one day last year there was an email from someone across the world who we had never met, asking what what we needed? A bus! It was delivered and the children painted it and now we don’t know how we ever lived without it!

Among much international recognition, Prabhavati Dwabha received the Humanitarian of 2011 Award at the 3HO Kundalini Yoga Summer Solstice celebration at Guru Ram Das Puri in Española, New Mexico, USA. People from all walks of life support Ramana’s Garden – and come to visit again and again, among them noted singer Krishna Das who also participated in the creation of the CD Kirtan Aid: Orphans of Rishikesh, with donated tracks by well-known artists.

As children grow, their higher education becomes priority. Several of the children have reached that age and it was with great joy that Prabhavati Dwabha made the details for their immediate future available in her last Newsletter:

She wrote, “It is an exciting time for us this year with 10 students flying out of the nest into college. So many thanks to all of you who have helped them live their dreams, all of you who gave time, money, things, love and prayers to make this possible.”

Moina 1  Mandi 1
Moina and Mandi have received scholarships to one of Karnataka’s oldest and most prestigious colleges, Lingraj.

Himani and Santoshi 1  Naina 1
Himani and Santoshi (left) have completed their spa and massage therapy training through one of India’s most elite training centres and have begun working at the Ananda Himalaya Spa, rated no.1 in Asia. Naina is soon to join Himani and Santoshi when she finishes her training next month.

Basant 1  Neeraj 1
Basant and Neeraj are planning for a future in business and begin their university life next month at Tula’s university in Dehradun. We are super proud of them!

Oinak 1Oinak is starting coaching for his entrance into one of India’s top Law Schools in New Delhi, where he will have to compete in Spring with 200,000 others for 200 seats… very ambitious? Yes, but we are confident he can do it!

Manish 1Manish is off to Delhi this week to begin his studies in animation. He is already a very talented artist, graphic artist and short movie director. We know that he will excel in his studies and we look forward to seeing his artworks come to life in the near future.

Durga 1Durga is in 12th grade and studies very hard to achieve his goal of becoming a pilot. He has dreamt of flying ever since he was small and after achieving 100% marks he is well on his way to fulfill that dream. We are still raising funds for his US$ $50,000 pilot training and hope by the time his studies are finished it will be available for him.

Krishna and Ramita 1Krishna and Ramita are both studying in Dehradun and excelling in their classes. Krishna is in her second year of psychology and Ramita in her fourth year of microbiology. These girls are helping to lead the way for all Indian women.

Nisha and Babalo 1   Harsh 1
And another marriage took place – Nisha married Babaloo – and now they have little baby Harsh (his name means happiness).

A few months ago Prabhavati Dwabha started yet another project – Tents to Nepal, for earthquake stricken Nepal.


During the Osho Festival UK in Dorset, England, which takes place from 27th to 31st August 2015, Pankaja will be showing her video Lalita’s Kidnap – as part of the events scheduled.

A fund-raising concert of sannyasin musicians is being organised for 24th October and will take place at the Elmgrove Community Church, Bristol, England. Details see ramanas-tartan-ties.org


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