Anand Chaitanyo


…left his body on 7th August 2015, aged 62.

Chaitanyo taking sannyas

From Kamya we hear that Anand Chaitanyo (meaning ‘inner consciousness’) was among the early sannyasins of the 70’s and was deeply connected with Osho. He grew up and lived near Frankfurt, Germany but later in life lived in Berlin.

Chaitanyo was born on the same date as Osho, 11th December. He was a keen astrologer and tarot expert, and gave hypnotherapy sessions. He loved to play and to confront people with their ‘inconvenient’ sides of their character.

He had a stroke a few years ago but never complained about anything, although he was tied to the wheelchair.

The cremation of his body was on 24th August and the funeral on 3rd September 2015.


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Chaitanyo, I would like to sing you a song on 3rd September 2015 at 11.00, and whenever I will feel like. Chaitanyo himself loved music and enjoyed singing very much. So long, this love will last always. Dear friend, we had good times and I went through hard times. Thanks for everything. You are still with me for this whole lifetime.
Prem Divyam

Farewell, dear friend. Our relationship lasted 32 years, and who can say that this isn’t “something”. And you were reliable, – who can say that this is …something! In a way, you never disappointed me, – this is also “something.”

Home is were the heart is, you wanted this song to be sung. May you rest in eternal peace.

Anecdote of Indian Chief Seattle (tribe of Duwamish):

Our dead, they go on living in the sweet rivers of the earth, come back during spring’s gentle move… and it is their soul in the wind that curls the surface of the lakes.”

Dhyan Kamya

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