Miracle Rain in a Drought


Prem Geet participated in Osho Niranjana’s meditation camp last month in San Diego, USA.

A hush fell over the meditation hall when Arun began the meditation camp by simply saying, “Feel Osho.” Soon after, the miracle rains began to drench the desert landscape while Osho’s divine presence flooded our hearts.

Now the USA’s premiere residential ashram, Osho Niranjana offers great meditation programs in a beautiful homelike environment of warmth, ease, and welcome. Thanks to three amazing families of dedicated ashram facilitators and friends, Osho has a home also in sunny California. Always welcome, newcomers can expect to drive in via Los Angeles or San Diego. Making your way towards the beautifully organized, villa-style ashram set in a stunning orange grove, you will drive through a rural setting with rolling red hills, and fascinating rock formations. The first wave of Osho energy at the ashram welcomes you with vibrations of warmth, purity and kindness radiating from the venue peopled with roses, jasmine, and beautiful ‘living’ statues of Enlightened Ones. The second wave begins with friends gathered in the large, super-charged meditation hall when you close your eyes and go within, dropping the outer world insanity we endure on a daily basis.

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There are simply no words beautiful enough to describe the divine energy experienced in Osho’s meditations led by Arun. If you have never had the privilege of sharing time with him, this is how it feels to meditate in his presence. In Osho’s words:

That’s the meaning of love –
that at least in one person’s presence we can be totally nude.
We know that he loves, so he will not misunderstand.
We know that he loves, so the fear disappears.
One can reveal all; one can open all the doors.
One can invite the person to come in.
One can start participating in another’s being.

In spite of major earthquake relief efforts in Nepal that demand Arun’s time and heart, he still made the USA visits a priority on his tireless world tour this summer. Forty Osho lovers from all over the world were deeply grateful and appreciated his presence and the beautiful ashram. In the meditations they found their heart, new depths of love, vibrant paths of understanding, and a new experience of suchness. For example, a tree you’ve always known is still that same tree but so much more because meditation makes us sensitive to life and we begin to commune with the tree in a new way.

How to convey the essence of meditation to a non-meditator is difficult if not impossible! The inner delicacies of meditation are so profound that putting them into words feels like a violation of sorts. Silence is a sacred richness far more powerful than even the best poetry. Through meditation we experience that the spirit in us is vast and free, taking flight into skies of creative inspiration that have no bounds.

Why meditate? If people knew that they could float in a lake of love, paint with heaven’s colors, and hear angelic choirs, many more would practice inner travel to dimensions between thoughts and beyond mind. In one heart-warming discourse, Arun discussed how meditation is like an actual password that gives us entry to inner dimensions beyond the mind.Turning within, we can “go there” any time. However, because the ego is so cunning, it is becoming more and more urgent for people to meditate.

The only way to change the world
is to change the level of consciousness –
and that you can do only in yourself.
It cannot be done to anybody else from the outside.
Yes, if you change your level of consciousness,
you create vibes which change people,
which change people without their knowledge.

During social time and wonderful chai breaks sannyasins commented on how we were led into an experience of great physical vibrancy in a very short time. A master storyteller, Arun subtly invites each listener to listen from the heart, and always displays a wonderful sense of humor. When he gave sannyas initiation, the celebration was very alive, ecstatic, and profound. After a meditation, two friends said they both felt “white hot coals of Divine Love” drop into their hearts. However, Arun humbly refers to himself as only “Osho’s postman.”

We benefited greatly from a jam-packed daily schedule filled with yoga and Osho’s meditations including Dynamic, Nataraj, Nadabrahma, Zorba the Buddha-aka Stop meditation, Prayer meditation, White Robe meditation, satsang, Osho celebration, and Arun’s wonderful spontaneous discourses.

Arun is deeply immersed in the work, presence, and words of Osho and is a living well of oceanic refreshment. One sannyasin commented on how his wonderfully healing heart-voice quickly sweeps him into a rich experience of meditation. During the Zorba the Buddha meditation, also called Stop meditation, we were led into the gap between our thoughts, the paradise of meditators.

Over the weekend, he also gave several discourses and discussed his mysterious synchronicity with Osho. He offered a poignant in-depth sharing about Osho and J. Krishnamurti as spiritual heirs to the pranic body of Maitreya Buddha. He described how Krishnamurti rebelled, after years of preparation, against becoming the vessel for the consciousness of Buddha, and how Osho actually took on the pranic body of Gautama Buddha for five days. It was lovely and strange to hear tales of how Osho found Buddha’s consciousness to be somewhat “behind the times” and how Osho would have to explain contemporary culture to him, make dietary concessions, and even sleep on a different side. Finally after five days, their energies were too different for Osho to continue. In a most mysterious pause that seemed to circle around existence and back again, Arun simply smiled and looked up, as if there was so much more to say about the return of Buddha 2500 years later.

Always fearless in expressing the truth, Arun is the toughest and most discerning about revealing ego and deflating ego. He described how aggressively subtle ego is, how we can puff up over anything at the drop of a hat, and how the ego must be watched with awareness and honesty at all times. In two of his many potent quips that suddenly catch the ear days later, Arun also said, “Fear is destructive,” and to be aware of the difference between freedom and vulgarity. Most surprisingly he spoke of numerous long-time sannyasins who have inconceivably “dropped Osho,” and also about his huge disappointment of finding unrestrained ego in notable people who were very close to Osho.

He also spoke about a program called ‘Buddhas Behind Bars‘. Osho Tapoban delivers full libraries of Osho books to most prisons and jails in Nepal. It is a wonderful, creative program worth replicating and supporting in every country. The only other folks we know who are in touch with prisoners are Dhanyam and Avinasho at Osho Viha in Marin County, who coined the phrase of the program a few years ago.

This meditation camp expressed not only the beauty of the inner world but also the difficult outer world. At times, we left behind the profound inner delicacies of meditation to discuss news updates about Nepal’s earthquake aftermath and Tapoban’s earthquake relief efforts. Our hearts are joined with Nepal as the people begin to recover and rebuild from the massive earthquakes. Arun reported that in addition to the massive death count, 20,000 people were left handicapped, and hundreds of children were orphaned. Please contact Osho Niranjana to get involved with continuing relief efforts arranged by Osho Tapoban Relief in Kathmandu.

On a happy note, we were thrilled to hear that to date Osho Tapoban has published 90 Osho discourse books at cost, according to Osho’s wishes.

With gratitude to Arun who continually shows us the truth of Osho’s words that: “Enlightenment is only the beginning, not the end.” And with gratefulness to all at Osho Niranjana for making us feel loved, nourished, and at home. Thank you for giving of yourselves a thousand percent and making it so much fun!

Article by Prem Geet


Quotes by Osho from
Be Realistic, Plan for a Miracle, Ch 5 (excerpt)
The Path of Love, Ch 2, Q 5 (excerpt)

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