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A little known fact in our sangha is the more than one-and-a-half decade old dedication by Dhanyam and Avinasho to make Osho available to prisoners in the USA. Dhanyam writes,

For the last 15 years Osho Viha has been listed as a spiritual resource for prisoners. We have shipped hundreds of Osho books and the Viha Connection magazine to all States.

As a result many prisoners have taken sannyas, many have changed direction of their lives, and now have a future to look forward to. Some have bought Osho books, subscribed to Viha Connection, and even sent me birthday cards. We receive many beautiful letters of appreciation for our work. Below some letters of appreciation previously published in our magazine (July/August 2012 issue).

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Buddhas Behind Bars

For the first time in my 52 years

Thank you very much for the Viha Connection magazine and for the Osho books. Both were filled with sublime teachings that I have been sharing with everyone. In fact, after I’ve finished sharing them with the people in my block I donate them to the chaplain for others to enjoy. This is a very big step for me because my whole life I’ve been extremely possessive, both materialistically and in my relationships.

I have learned so much from Osho’s teachings about life, love, joy, and compassion that I’m like a little kid experiencing life for the first time.

Thank you again for helping me become a caring and loving person for the first time in my 52 years on this Earth.

Alan Chrzanowski

A wonderful encounter

Dearest Viha,

It was a wonderful encounter with I Am the Gate. I have reread the book twice already, and I am sure I will do so many more times – much lies within its pages. I would have been too young at the time when the book was written, yet I know I would have bowed down at Osho’s feet. I see that happening even now, some 40 years later.

D. Coulter

Asking for an Osho pen pal

I love to study Osho’s teachings. His words have helped me grow in many, many ways. I am currently in a state prison in Florida serving a life sentence for crimes I committed as a teen. I haven’t given up hope of being released, so I am taking care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Osho showed me how to find wisdom in everything.

Is there anyone who wouldn’t mind writing back and forth with a young man of 33 who has dedicated himself to growing spiritually in an ugly place? Osho’s words have assisted me in seeing beauty everywhere, even in here. I am strong, optimistic, I laugh, I’m perfectly comfortable with my uniqueness, and I allow people to be themselves. I love genuine people. That’s what is inspiring me right now to ask for an Osho pen pal. I imagine devotees of Osho to be real, fearless, and full of love.

Hector Vendress

Tears of joy

Dear Dhanyam,

Having just received the packet of items you sent, I had to write you immediately. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to be so very thoughtful and considerate. It really means a lot to me.

When I saw that you had given me my sannyas name, I wept tears of joy. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that it shocked me just how much this affected me. After reading The Buddha Said so many times and understanding the importance of becoming a sannyasin, I’ve never felt so alive and even jubilant in the knowledge that a transformation occurred at the very moment I read your words. But more than anything, I felt a love pass through my being that can only be the love of Him. To anyone else hearing this I might sound crazy, though I am certain that you understand completely.

I always believed that I would never reach the point in my life I’m at now. Hearing Osho’s words for so many years, I wanted to be where I’m at now, and yet I didn’t think I’d get here. I didn’t even realize I had truly entered the stream, and yet I had.

I look forward to what the future holds, and I am so grateful to be a part of Him and this family.

Love, Sudheer (Derrick A. Hecox)

An offering

Dear Dhanyam and Avinasho.

Enclosed herein please receive $101 as an offering to the Viha Connection, realm of Osho.

Transcendental and oceanic love of Osho will keep finding its path to reach divinely thirsty through Viha Connection or in other ways.

Warm Regards, Authentically,

Kanwal Singh Hundal


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