The Muslim Invasion of Europe that Nostradamus Misread


John Hogue (aka Dhyan Arjuna) speaks on the recent events…

…of Syrians migrating to Europe in the light of Nostradamus’ prophecies.

A close friend and fellow traveler on the path of meditation asked what many of you are asking, especially my European readers, facing an unprecedented surge of refugees stampeding across their borders.

Bhagawati: I recall a prophecy by Nostradamus (or was it someone else?) that Europe would be overrun by Muslims, starting in France?

1526 Ottoman battleHogue: Yes, it’s Nostradamus. He saw it as a Muslim invasion. Unlike most of my competition over the last 30 years, who take this literally to mean a military invasion, my interpretations of his verses on the matter have always stuck to what, indeed, I believe it actually is, an immigrant invasion.

I think Nostradamus misread his signs, spinning upon them the angst of Christians in the 16th century about imminent military invasion and conquest by Suleiman the Magnificent and the Ottoman Empire. This Muslim superpower was at its most aggressive stage of westward conquest during his lifetime when Christianity was sorely divided by Protestant and Catholic tensions.

Back in April 2009 I had an interchange with a reader concerning just how Nostradamus mistook invasions for immigration waves of Muslims in Europe. It was published for Hogueprophecy on 27 August 2010. Please read the whole article by clicking on Islamophobia.

Hogue also had an interchange with reader Gabrielle on the refugee crisis a few days ago; here an excerpt:

Gabrielle: What are your views on the Syrian Refugee Crises?

Hogue: They are many and this theme is going to be a prominent one in upcoming books about the oncoming year of 2016. It is Year One of what I call The Great Age of Exodus.

Gabrielle: Should other countries have stepped in to avert this disaster? If not, why?

Hogue: Absolutely. Indeed those countries that have bombed and destroyed Syria, Libya, Somalia, Iraq and so forth, are karmically responsible for rebuilding what they devastated. They need to either give these people a life to live and prosper among their neighborhoods or spend their treasure and time restoring the millions soon to flood their borders with the houses, industries and infrastructure their missiles and drones had destroyed back where they actually want to live.


The future will judge the most criminal nation among them is the United States. It would be karmic justice if its borders were overwhelmed with Syrian, African and Libyan refugees. US hubris can safely hide behind two vast oceans and pretend their weapons and bombs committing one serial murder of a nation after another doesn’t have direct consequences. If I were the Europeans, I’d resettle half the refugees and send the other half on ships to the US for resettlement.

Gabrielle: Is this similar or a repeat of Hitler and the Jews? Karmic? Was it the soul responsibility of the United States to have stopped this tragedy?

Hogue: The US has created these tragedies and if they don’t turn away from this service of death and destruction then eventually they will follow the path of others who lived by the sword. They will perish by the sword, or the sword will become so large and costly that America will collapse from holding up its weight. That’s what I predict.

Gabrielle: What is your prediction for this outcome; ultimately do the Syrian Refugees go home?

Hogue: Syria is being destroyed and global warming with the current and future droughts to come will make Syria mostly uninhabitable by the end of the 2020s. I see that eventually all 25 million Syrians will be on the move. The destruction of the Assad regime will bring a great wandering of millions and a spreading catastrophe that will drag neighboring countries into the widening black hole of Islamic extremism. Even Saudi Arabia could succumb to Islamo-fascism. Indeed the royal family of Saudi Arabia is already living in that black state of unconsciousness.

Gabrielle: Thanks and I look forward to your responses.

Hogue: I look forward to you and millions of others making the future I just visualized never happen.


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