Three Years Ago


A song by Madhuri on video, filmed by Piers Cross.


Three years ago
I came from far away
I left a loving man
I left a big fine house

It seems to me
I’ve married West Yorkshire
Land of peaty streams
Rushing through leafy woods
hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hm hm.

I love this land
So full of blackberries
On wet and rampant vines
I love the island wind

That seaborne breath
Blowing across the sky
Telling me I’ve come home
To hills and waterfalls
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hm hm.

On a summer day
I walk within the fold
Of ferns and canyon walls
Tramping beside the stream

This is the place
Where I am given peace
Where I am cooled and soothed
The temple where I pray
hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hm hm.

Yes, everyone
I came from far away
To marry tops and vales
And rocky hiking ways

The Pennine moors
Far north of Manchester
They have my wedding ring
A loop of ivy green
hmm hmm hmmhmm hmm hmmm
hm hm.

I love the grey
and shadowed moving sky
I love the gentle rain
As well as winter grim

I left a man
I loved with all my heart
To marry England’s fey
Wild and lonely heart
hmmm hmmm hmm hmmm hmm hmmm
That’s all.

Lyrics and melody by Madhuri, filmed by Piers Cross.

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