First Ever Observation: Double Eclipse of the Sun

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Reported by on September 16, 2015


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On September 13, the Sun was eclipsed – twice! No one on Earth has ever seen anything like it. Indeed, it was only visible from Earth orbit. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) recorded the event:


Moon eclipses Sun
Earth eclipses Sun
Moon and Earth eclipse Sun


The double eclipse began around 06:30 UT when Earth passed directly between the sun and SDO. The observatory watched as the body of our planet moved slowly across the face of the sun, producing a near black-out. When the Earth finally moved aside about an hour later, another eclipse was in progress. This time, the Moon was in the way. And the third picture shows the Moon and the Earth in front of the Sun at the same time.

Note how the edge of the Earth looks so much fuzzier than the edge of the Moon. That’s because our planet has a thick atmosphere and the Moon does not.

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