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Subscription to online services: radio, TV, Zen Tarot and Osho’s meditations.

iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac, iContact… inevitably also Osho’s work is following the trend with iOsho and iMeditate. But it makes you ponder for a moment after hearing, year in and year out, Osho hammering on our ‘I’, on our poor ego.

Osho International is offering, for a yearly $ 23.88, 24/7 access to Osho Radio (talks change weekly), Osho Zen Tarot (unlimited access), and to all library content, monthly horoscope and eGreetings.

Add another $ 12 and you get access to Osho TV as well.

The complete option, at a yearly $ 41.88, includes iMeditate, where you can stream Osho’s meditations anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a good internet connection. Follow the guided instructions and then meditate live with meditators like you from around the globe. The meditations include:

  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Kundalini Meditation
  • Nadabrahma Meditation
  • Nataraj Meditation
  • Evening Meeting (audio)

If you are not happy, you have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Here some details:

sm-osho-radioOsho Radio – In this busy, multi-tasking world, radio is a perfect medium. It is a technology you can take advantage of anywhere, 24 hours a day. These talks from Osho have been digitally remastered to give you the finest listening experience, in English and Hindi as well.

ozt-logoOsho Zen Tarot – Unlike traditional Tarot Cards that are used to satisfy a longing to know about the past and future, Osho’s Tarot focuses on gaining an understanding on the here and now. They help us turn our attention from outside events and direct it into our innermost hearts. Each beautifully crafted card offers insights into a particular part of our life. One such card is The Inner Voice.

sm-osho-tvOsho TV – Enjoy full-length Osho talks with Osho TV as you watch Osho speak, with hundreds of videos in different categories like Love, Fear and Relationship, with videos added every week.

logoOsho iMeditate – Now you can try the most popular Osho Active Meditations right from the comfort of your own home with iMeditate. Follow the guided instructions and then meditate live with meditators like you from around the globe.

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