Amy is a Pig – No, I am That


Amelia’s (Dhyan Ji) amazing insights as a child.

As I read the words on the wall ’Amy is a Pig’ my heart sank, I realized this was not the right place for me, I didn’t belong here; it was 1982.

If there is one thing that we are acutely aware of as a child it is the way that others treat us. We are sponges, we absorb everything that is said, experienced, and it creates the perception of who we ’think’ we are. It shapes our personality.

Feeling sad I moved away from the group and went to a quieter area in the playground at the back of the school to be on my own.


My feelings were raw, I felt angry and vulnerable. Why did people need to treat me this way? At that moment my senses were heightened and I awoke to a presence all around me, a presence that encompassed me. A gentle breeze rushed past as the wind whistled, caressing my skin and soothing my heart. Blissfully I saw there were no boundaries separating me from the wild wind, from the breeze, and instinctively I looked up into the sky at the clouds – were they in on this too? Then I gazed up at the trees around me: what more did they know? I felt empowered, magical, I felt like a magician! I could make anything happen! In my childlike innocence and this innate knowing I decided to put these (what I now felt were magical powers) to the test! I asked the wind very fortrightly to blow harder so I would know it was listening and it did! I then asked the wind to stop blowing to be still and it did! What was this?

I realized then that it didn’t matter what others said about me, I had discovered something far more important, far more amazing and I felt peaceful. I began to understand that ’I’ represented all of existence, I was waking up, it was time to open my eyes again.

I had accidently discovered an intelligence all around me that was influenced by me! Wow it is Me! I am a powerful being of light, of love, energy – and from that moment onwards I never felt truly alone. Of course there were times when I was lonely, but even then I knew there was a force greater than me that worked through me, that was looking after me and I was looking after it, because I was it. I am it. I am THAT I am.


AmeliaPrasada (aka Dhyan Ji, Amelia Campbell) was born in Staffordshire, UK in 1975 and took sannyas aged 7 in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon. In 2012 she completed a foundation degree in Complementary Therapies. She now uses her vast array of creative skills, life experience and insightful understanding to help others to heal themselves and connect to their true nature through a myriad of ways including: groups, retreats, readings and one to one sessions.

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