“I will meet a Master – he is from India…”

Healing & Meditation

Vedanta speaks about her work using channelling, intuition and energy work, in an interview with Osho Cable TV.

The healing of one,
is the healing of all.

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When I was 18, [after my out-of-body experience in a car accident] I became a medium. I started having a career in Greece, in Germany. I became famous; I was called to speak at New Age conferences. One part of me, my ego, liked it very much; I got so much attention; I was in the spotlight, but another part of me was insecure and didn’t know what I was doing. […] I was even scared about it, because people started to follow me.

My friends asked me to channel and talk about myself, I said that I will meet a master, he will be from India and who was going to bring me on this path — the whole plot — and when I woke up I was furious with my friends who did this in spite of me; I was in deep trance. And then it happened exactly as I has spoken. At 22 I got in touch with Osho through these people in Greece. That’s when the real journey started.

Although I had decided to drop channelling, I was welcomed in Pune — it was the time when the Mystery School started to be created — they called me and told me not to stop doing it, but to do it here, in the light of Osho. At the same time I started to work on myself. That was the best time. […] I realised that I had to ground myself first, come back into my body.


Born in Athens, Greece, Vedanta studied architecture, design and modern art. After an out of body experience at age 18, she became a well-known medium in Greece and Germany. She took sannyas in 1987 and worked in the Osho Multiversity until 1996, has been the director of the Osho Institute for Intuition and also worked as a therapist in Europe. She has a 12 year-old daughter and lives in Greece, working as a therapist and teacher of the ‘Power of Light Training’. www.channeling-the-source.de

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