Mediumship is a Female Technique


Q: What is the difference between entering another body and psychic mediumship? How does one enter into a medium?

Actually, the experiments are contrary to each other. In the former case, a person enters into another person’s body, while in the case of mediumship, the medium allows a person to enter his body. These are two different things. The technique of leaving one’s body and entering into another can be called the male technique; one has to enter another body. Mediumship is a female technique. Here, the medium will simply remain receptive and invite someone to enter his body. This is much simpler, and the souls invited by the medium will in most cases be bodiless. Rarely will an embodied soul ever respond to a medium’s invitation. The disembodied souls which are moving around us….

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We are not the only ones sitting here; there are others present here as well. Since they are bodiless, their presence makes little difference to us. Their presence can be understood in terms of how the radio works. If you turn on a radio you can catch the Delhi station, but when the radio was not turned on, do you think the Delhi station was not transmitting or that the sound waves were not passing through here? They were, but we were not aware of them. There was no medium to connect us with the sound waves. The radio functions as a medium. It puts us in touch with the sound waves.

So the individuals who work as mediums function on the same principle as a radio does. They perform the act of tuning. Their presence makes it possible for any of the wandering souls to enter them. But these are all bodiless souls, and these souls are always eager to enter a body.

There are reasons for it. The biggest reason is that bodiless souls – we can call them ghosts – their desires, their passions are the same as those of any ordinary mortal, any embodied soul. However without being in the body, without the help of the body, the desires of these bodiless souls are never satisfied – they can’t be.

For example, a ghost wants to make love to someone; for that it needs a body. The ghost carries the desire but is helpless without the body. When it comes closer to a human body, the ghost passes through it. Our body offers no resistance to it. The spirit wants to be in the body, it longs to enter a body.

The spirit succeeds in entering the body when out of fear a person contracts from within. In a state of fear your consciousness does not cover as much space – you shrink. A vacuum is created in your body. In that fearful state the spirit enters the vacuum. Generally, people think ghosts are born out of fear, or that fear itself is the ghost. None of these beliefs is true. A ghost has its own existence. A person in a state of fear makes it possible for the ghost to manifest – he becomes the medium. And since it is the ghost that enters into his body, problems are bound to arise.

The mediumship you are talking about is the consequence of a voluntary invitation given to a soul. Someone on his own creates a space within and invites a spirit to enter. The sole technique of mediumship is that you create a space within and invite a spirit present in the vicinity to enter your body. Since this is done voluntarily, there is not much risk involved in it. And since it is done purposely one knows the method of calling the spirit as well as the device for sending it back. Nevertheless all of this is possible only if the medium is receptive, and it works only on the ordinary bodiless souls.

The risk increases if a soul that is already in the body is to be called, because if I were to call an embodied soul to enter a medium, the body of the man being called will fall unconscious. Very often, when someone falls unconscious, it is taken as an ordinary state of unconsciousness. But many times it is not the case – it is a situation where the individual’s soul has been called somewhere. Hence it is highly risky to treat the individual at that time – it is best to leave his body alone. But we have no knowledge of all this.

Up to now, it has not become clear to science when a state of unconsciousness is of the normal kind, and when it is caused by the soul’s moving out of the body. So the phenomenon is the same but of a different nature. In the case of mediumship the soul is invited in the body; in another, the soul is moved out of the body.

Osho, And Now And Here, Ch 13, Q 6

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