Wine of the ultimate poured freely


Prem Geet reflects on Thanksgiving how beneficial Osho’s Mahamudra meditation is.

Thanksgiving reminds me of how grateful I am for Osho’s meditations, especially Mahamudra, the meditation in which “God comes to you,” in Osho’s words.

Red Wine

For about a year now, I’ve focused my meditation practice using Osho’s Mahamudra, for it has proven to be the most luxurious wine, an elixir of rare delight. Osho calls Mahamudra “a total orgasm with the universe.”

A sudden shift away from dancing meditation was a complete surprise, as Osho’s Nataraj is my favorite and always fun, relaxing and sublime, especially at night before going to sleep. Why the sudden change? I really can’t explain except that one day my body insisted on a contrast to know the difference between action and meditation: “The function of action is negative: it is removing hindrances, obstacles, obstructions. And the function of meditation is realization of that which is… Both are needed: action to remove the rocks and meditation to make you capable of drinking the ultimate, the wine of the ultimate.” (1)

For a while, during the first few months, it was hard to let go of the active dance excitement of Nataraj, but in contrast, Mahamudra provides a way to experience micro-movements, electric stillness and what feels like a silver cosmic rain. It’s a time to feel the universal spirit moving through us entirely without our help. During this meditation, awareness shifts to the all-givingness of Life and being alive in the wholeness that is breathing us as much as we are breathing it. I am so hooked now that I get up early for a session before beginning the day. Osho says, “Millions and millions times deeper, millions and millions times higher is Mahamudra. It is a total orgasm with the whole, with the universe. It is melting into the source of being.” (2)

For me this meditation is a doorway to the universal and a way to enter the day in total freshness.

During a recent Mahamudra, it was amazing to witness unconscious constellations unwinding. Suddenly it was time to resolve a huge conflict about the marketplace and the American Dream. This spontaneous dissolving of a deeply held structure was a total surprise, being related to a deep love of Nature. Like a domino effect, other supporting structures fell, such as the need to be successful, the need to be perfect, the need to win, the need to pretend, the need to explain why I am not living the American Dream to those who are, and the amount of pain generated in carrying the shards of this inherited, burdensome dream that was still hiding in me. A feeling of total assurance arose. I knew that in the process of becoming a real human, as indigenous tribes say, this toxic structure had to go, completely.

As the psychic mass lifted up and out, I instantly felt more grounded, less anxious. Then a loyalty to earth cultures came into the foreground along with an allegiance to safe water and healthy land (free from uranium mining), those mega blind spots investors and stakeholders have ignored in favor of the big dream. This meditation resolved a long conflict in my soul about the marketplace and put me at choice about how to live, mirrored in Osho’s description about the forest-loving Jain seers who wandered: “They were not against the marketplace, but they knew the beauty of the forest, the nature and all of its joys and all its climates. They were not against the world; they loved the beauty of nature. They were not for any negative reason, they were there for a positive reason…They were in immense love with the forest. They were poets. Their going to the forest was not renunciation. It was rejoicing in nature. Remember the difference.” (3)

If you’ve never tried Mahamudra, it has two stages. The first stage, Latihan, is completely free-form, allowing interplay with subtle energies. During the second stage, each chakra is consciously visited and filled with universal energy. We then bow down to the earth to offer this gift and share our love. This second stage is like a structured prayerful intention as we consciously fill up and offer this divine consciousness to the Earth, very appealing to the Bhakti. Our love needs to spill over, to go somewhere, to someone, and this is a very fulfilling way to share love.

Osho says, “Do not seek. This is the deepest message of this whole song of Mahamudra: do not seek, just remain as you are, don’t go anywhere else. Nobody ever reaches God, nobody can because you don’t know the address. Where will you go? Where will you find the divine? There is no map, and there is no way, and there is nobody to say where he is. No, nobody ever reaches God. It is always the reverse: God comes to you. Whenever you are ready, he knocks at your door; he seeks you whenever you are ready. And the readiness is nothing but a receptivity. When you are completely receptive there is no ego; you become a hollow temple with nobody in it.” (4)

Mahamudra is an inexhaustible treasure, the most rare wine pouring freely through the Master’s grace. This gift from Osho keeps on giving.

By Prem Geet

Excerpts from Osho’s discourses
(1) I Am That, Ch 9
(2) Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, Ch 1
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