Child-like Simplicity

Osho and His Photographers Remembering Here&Now

Ageh Bharti recollects a day in his life with Osho when he allowed students to take photographs of him.

Osho in garden

June 1970. Sometime in the last week (just a few days before he shifted to Bombay), three students of the Gov. Engineering College, Jabalpur, came to meet Osho. They took a prior appointment for the photo session.

Osho greeted them with a smile and said, “OK. You can take photographs.”

During the photo session, when they wanted Osho to sit, he sat down. When they wanted to shoot him while signing autographs, he began putting signatures. When they wanted to capture him while gardening, he plucked dried leaves off the plants in the garden.

And when they wanted to shoot while he was asleep, he went to bed with a guffaw, and lo! he lied down in his usual sleeping posture. Then they lit up a candle and requested him to read in the candlelight, and he obeyed their command.

In fact, for an hour they made Osho dance to their tune.

Really, he was unbelievably simple.


From Ageh Bharti’s book Blessed Days with Osho

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