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Reported by Business Standard, India, November 11, 2015.

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‘Rebellious Flower’, which is based on the early life of spiritual guru Osho Rajneesh, will hit the screens in India in January next year.

The film, backed by the Osho Foundation, Pune, will be released on January 15, read a statement.

The film’s director Krishan Hooda hopes the film garners a positive response from the audience.

“Indian audiences never got the see the journey of one of the most important spiritual figures of our times, Osho Rajneesh, on celluloid. I am delighted that I got to tell the story through my vision and sensibility. We are sure the audience will connect with this universally inspiring story,” Hooda said.

Shashank Singh as Rebellious Osho
Shashank Singh as Rebellious Osho

Talking about the film, producer and writer Jagdish Bharti added: “We are happy to present ‘Rebellious Flower’ to the Indian audience and it’s a fitting coincidence that the film will be released close to the death anniversary of Osho Rajneesh guru (he died on January 19 in 1990).”

“We hope that the film will truly inspire its viewers to explore something beyond from the happiness and pain of the mundane world,” he said.

‘Rebellious Flower’ shows the story of a young boy, Raja, living in a remote village of central India with his maternal grandmother and grandfather, with an inborn fire for asking questions and gifted with a deep underlying clarity to accept only the right answers.

The film will trace his life after the demise of his grandfather and how he passed through all the turns and twists of a normal life.

‘Rebellious Flower’ was shot in Madhya Pradesh where Osho grew up and spent time with his maternal grandparents.

It also won a Special Mention Jury Award at Salento International Film Festival held in Tricase, Italy this year.

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