Our Wars in 2 Minutes

From the Web: Global Awareness

Tom Bennet created a video to show that war is beyond human understanding. The timeline is WWI to ISIS; however, because of the 2 minute time-limit, not every single war is included.

A very recent widely published article declared that a mere “62 People Own Same Wealth as Half of the World’s Population.

It does not take a big leap to consider that a similar amount of individuals control most of the entire world’s population through their associates (read politicians, priests, financial institutions and mega corporations), although much of humanity is unaware of this. The unawareness about methods that are being used to brainwash people into becoming more and more robotic through ideologies, fear mongering and a steady supply of gadgets is widespread. To top it all, the status quo is strongly dominated by the enhancement of illusions – and the mass media plays a large role in this.

At the same time, incited armed conflicts, terror attacks and wars are continuing all over the planet and there seems no end in sight. And the moment a war or conflict erupts, so many men (and even a few women) in most countries are ready to march, rape, maim, torture, and kill.

As the saying goes, “Suppose They Gave a War and No One Came.” May this video be an inspiration to do exactly that.

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