I take life as a whole

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (71)


I am extremely grateful for your loving letter.

Osho early discourse

I take life as a whole and I am incapable of viewing it
in bits and pieces; it is already the whole
but because it has been viewed in fragments for so long
it has become perverted.

There is no politics, no morality, no religion;
there is life, there is God, whole and unfragmented.
It has to be sought, recognized and lived in all its forms,
therefore I shall continue to speak on all its forms.
And this is only the beginning.

Answering journalists is just preparing the ground.
All paths lead to one end – certain friends might take some time
to understand this truth.
As things are, this delay in understanding the truth
is unavoidable, but seekers of truth won’t be afraid –
courage is the first condition in the search for truth.

Remember, as long as spirituality does not become
a philosophy of the whole life it proves impotent,
and only escapists will take shelter behind it.
Spirituality has to be turned into a force,
spirituality has to be turned into a revolution,
only then can spirituality be saved.

My regards to all.

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