“Stop!” – and then a huge silence…

Healing & Meditation

Ojas is interviewed on video (in English) by Vrienden van Osho in the Netherlands.

Interview and direction by Koen Bugter (www.koenbugter.nl)

Ojas de Ronde is asked to explain some aspects related to Osho Dynamic Meditation. What is the purpose of this ‘chaotic’ meditation? Why is it especially needed in our time? Is it possible to arrive at a meditative silence with it?

This active meditation is a totally different way of meditating. Compared to what we now call mindfulness, or Vipassana, it has two different elements: first there is an active part; you start with body movement, screaming and you let out everything that hurts, that is painful for you or things you have never talked about to somebody, all that comes out – you don’t do it alone, you do it with friends – slowly slowly there is an emotional release and the activity comes to a moment of exhaustion, to a high peak. And at just that moment you hear Osho’s voice say “Stop!” – and then a huge silence is happening, a huge silence.

Ojas (born 1937) grew up in the Netherlands and studied theology at the University of Nijmegen and social sciences in Amsterdam. He worked as an official for adult education in the Netherlands until taking sannyas in Pune in 1976. He became a member of the commune and worked in the kitchen. In Rajneeshpuram he was part of the Truck Farm crew. In recent years he has been working as publicist, tutor, coach and cousellor. www.denieuwemens.eu

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