3rd Meditation Festival in Paris


Shantidharm reports about the festival he helped organise in the French capital.

Only this year, after hearing from a sannyasin friend who participated, we came to know that every year Shantidharm and Khirad, founders and managers of meditationfrance.com, a website on meditation and spirituality for French speaking countries, organise a Meditation Festival in Paris.

Shantidharm writes:

We co-organise the yearly festival together with Tao Center Paris and EvolutionNext. The aim is to give a taste of meditation from different angles and the opportunity to practice various meditation techniques such as Zen meditation, Osho’s active meditations, evolutionary meditation, meditation in movement, tantric meditation, tao, yoga and other workshops based on meditation. The programme is à la carte, i.e. everyone can follow their own pace by participating in meditations of their own choice or take time off to relax.

This third festival took place from 22nd till 24th January 2016 and was fully booked. We had about 120 visitors each day, mostly women, and of all ages.

The Meditationfrance crew makes sure that each year there are Osho’s active meditations in the programme. In 2016 we had Nadabrahma, Devavani, Nataraj and Heart Chakra meditation, facilitated by Anutosha and Gislaine Guergne. And for the meditative concert on Saturday evening, this year we had Gopal Anand who played his own meditative compositions on guitar and sequencers.

The venue for the festival has been each year the Tao Center, their two halls having a capacity of total 120 persons. The center has again shown its efficiency in terms of organisation with the help of a team of volunteers, which changes each year – a contributing factor to the success of the programme. Facilitators and participants have all appreciated the fluidity of the organisation. As catering company we had chosen Marmites Volantes which, during all 3 days, offered organic food, cold and hot beverages at reasonable prices.

We will be in Paris again at the Tao Center from 20th till 22nd January 2017 for the 4th Meditation Festival. Although the festival is in France, you do not need to speak French to attend and participate. Most of the participants and facilitators speak English and most of the meditations are easy to learn. A good excuse to come and visit Paris!

The programme (in French) can be checked on this web page: meditationfrance.com

See you next year à Paris!

ShantidharmArticle and video by Shantidharm

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