Manish Vyas shares the first track from his new album ‘Healing Ragas III’.

Manish Vyas: santoor, tabla and vocals
Milind Date: flute

‘Awakening’ was born in a space of love, longing and silence. It was composed in Buenos Aires where my beloved and I lived last year.

The piece is based on a morning raga, Basant Mukhari, one of the sweetest melodious forms among morning-time ragas. As an early raga, it radiates the fresh energy of a new day.

It is an invocation to existence, bringing a soothing atmosphere and a positive vibration to start the day in balance.

Manish Vyas

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Manish and MilindManish Vyas grew up in a sannyas family in Gujarat, India, and was initiated into sannyas in 1978, when he was just 7. In 1986, Manish moved to Pune originally to study engineering, but instead became involved in the music department of Osho’s Commune. He played live for Osho together with musicians from all over the world. This period helped his musical horizons expand. Manish has since performed, recorded and travelled with Prem Joshua, Chinmaya, Snatam Kaur, Shastro, Praful, Sudha, Maneesh and many other musicians. He has also composed mantras for Deva Premal.

Milind Date is a senior disciple of the bansuri maestro, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, and one of the most versatile Indian musician. Trained in the guru-disciple tradition, Milind provides the perfect space of meditative music enriched with devotion and silence.

Milind and Manish have often played together in the Osho Commune International for kirtans, sannyas celebrations and other meditation events. This is the second album where Milind accompanies Manish, after the previously released Atma Bhakti.

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