Destroy the World’s Noisiness!


[…] it all depends how much you trust your silence, how much you trust yourself, how much the silence is arising from your inner sources.

Osho 45

Then there is no problem – you can go in the noisy world and you will remain silent. And it is possible that you may change a few people you come in contact with. Why trust that they will be able to change you? Why accept your weakness?

Go in the world with courage and with strength, and the noise of the world will not be a disturbance. And your silence will help people to become silent. Talk about your experience of meditation to your friends, to your family. It is always helpful to provoke in people an invitation, to provoke in people a longing, that they have been missing something that you have attained. And the more you spread your experience and share your experience with people, the more you will be protecting yourself; they will not be able to influence you.

Start spreading your fragrance and your silence and your experience. That becomes a subtle protection around you, and that also becomes a tremendously transforming force. Rather than going with fear, go with blissfulness, spreading the experience that has happened to you.

You say the present is pure poetry – that is so valuable; share it. And trust that the higher value is always victorious. The noise cannot win over silence, and misery cannot win over blissfulness, and darkness cannot win over light. These are fundamental rules of existence.

Just follow these fundamentals and you will be enriched in the marketplace even more than you can be enriched here. Because there, you will become stronger – you will find the challenge to become stronger. And each time you come, you will come here to refresh yourself, to go deeper, to find greater peaks of consciousness and then go into the world. Make it a point that the world has not to be renounced. The world needs people who are silent.

In the past, the silent people have deserted the world; they have escaped to the mountains. In my opinion, they were cowards and escapists. They have not helped the world to evolve more, to become more mature, to become more peaceful; they simply escaped just out of fear that the world would destroy them.

I want my people to go into the world and destroy the world’s noisiness, the world’s ugliness, greediness. It is a challenge, and it is very exciting. Always remember: the best defense is attack! Attack people with your peace, with your love, with your silence, with your joy – that’s the best defense, and that is a great service to humanity too.

Sid Levensky, aged eighty-three, goes into the confessional at Saint John’s Cathedral. The priest asks him, “Have you anything to confess?”

“Yes,” says the old man, “my wife died two months ago. Two days after she passed on I met another woman. She is twenty-two years old. I have been sleeping with her since the day I met her. Sometimes we do it two or three times a day.”

“And how old are you?” asks the priest.

“Eighty-three,” Sid replies.

“Oh dear!” says the priest, “Go home and say ten Hail Marys.”

“I can’t do that,” says the old man, “I’m Jewish.”

“Then for God’s sake, why are you telling me all this?” asks the priest.

“Oh, it’s not just you,” replies Sid, “I’m telling everybody!”

So just go and tell everybody!

Osho, The Invitation, Ch 25, Q 1 (excerpt)

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