Light was Matter and Matter was Light


Karunesh writes about an experience that occurred in Pune, 1978.

We know next to nothing about the nature of the Universe, the nature of light and matter and once we do take insight into the underlying reality of All and Everything, our view radically alters and will be, most impractically, in acute conflict with the average views in our normal environments.

As I have mentioned before, I have spent a part of my education in India at Osho’s Ashram, during a 5-year period that was dedicated to meditation practice.

One evening, after getting up from the last meditation session of the day, my view of everything surrounding me suddenly began to shift.

Orange Nebula

Everything started to glow from within, everything seemed permeated by Great Radiance. There was nothing not permeated by that Astounding Luminosity. Not only that, as the Opening continued, I realized that everything that I saw, was nothing but a play of light, interblending, different frequencies of light. For the first time I saw that what we consider most solid matter, the trees, the road, moving people and cars – was simply Light that had downshifted its frequency and as it had done so, it could assume the different expressions.

Every expression of solid matter I recognized to be merely a specific light frequency, which, if one could alter the frequency, one would be able to instantly alter the material expression – it would cease to exist as that expression and shift into something else.

Matter, I realized, was light that had shifted down to a lower frequency and when light does this, it appears solidified. (Think of a fast moving fan. Only when it slows down does it acquire a form that we can recognize.)

Light was matter and matter was light. I saw this through the eye of meditation and again, my entire being was in awe, unable and unwilling to communicate what I had seen.

Regardless of the immense display of differences, everything was utterly and seamlessly connected, but the connection could only be seen through the eye of meditation….

Anand KaruneshAnand Karunesh (Andreas Mamet) took sannyas from Osho in his ashram in Poona. In 1981 he started giving workshops in Japan, USA and Germany. He moved to the US in 1982 and lived for over 20 years in Mount Shasta, CA. After shuttling between Paris and California for a few years, he made Paris his base in 2009. He teaches meditation and has a weekly radio show ‘Follow your joy’.

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