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Podcast: Karunesh, Vandan, Abhiyana

Swaram's podcasts of these past 3 weeks: How to 'meet' Osho, meditation in daily life and treating Osho's body with Acupuncture.

How I started to present malas

Karunesh on wearing the mala again and giving new names to meditators.

Escaping the matrix

Karunesh on celebrating others' awakening, their true closeness to Osho.

What Is Osho Doing These Days?

Karunesh writes that the real meaning of darshan is the transmission of samadhi through the grace of a master.

Light was Matter and Matter was Light

Karunesh writes about an experience that occurred in Pune, 1978.

The Breathless State

Karunesh speaks of his intense meditation experiences and also asserts that if something takes your breath away, not to worry.

Connecting with Extraterrestrial Civilisations

Karunesh (Andreas Mamet) interviews Dr. Steven Greer for Radio Ici et Maintenant in Paris, 28th July 2015.

The Master’s Call: How I Met Osho

Karunesh 'meets' Osho.