Escaping the matrix


Karunesh on celebrating others’ awakening, their true closeness to Osho.

lobster underwater photo by-kate mansury

We, as a sannyasin collective, suffer a great illness. It is the illness of not being able to be happy for each others’ happiness. The inability to acknowledge when some other sannyasin is escaping the matrix… has worked upon him/herself very hard for decades, even life times… the scent of awakening is in the air, like the scent of salt is in the air when we aproach the ocean. We suffer from envy at the prospect of some other sannyasin… dissolving into Osho, dissolving into… The Ocean.

We are ready to go for the kill and put him down, we are ready to shoot the arrows of toxicity, not being capable of feeling the Master… in the other… because we remain in competition… not capable of observing when our communication is loaded with poison, unable to intercept those poisonous arrows.

Osho one day talked about the habits of lobsters (or was it crabs?)… when they are caught in a basket and one tries to escape, the others gang up and try to pull him back down into the basket, thereby sabotaging his escape.

I suppose lobsters… are very human. Or perhaps… we are like those lobsters.

So, to any sannyasin lobster who is escaping the basket… let me say this… I celebrate your escape. I celebrate your awakening, I celebrate your true closeness to Osho. And remember… there are 7 billion souls on the planet to share your success with. Don’t insist on sharing with the grumpy lobsters in the basket.

And, I, for one… I cheer you on… Share with whom can accept and treasure… the treasures you have found.

Osho Sharanam Gachchhami.

Anand KaruneshAnand Karunesh (Andreas Mamet) took sannyas from Osho in his ashram in Poona. In 1981 he started giving workshops in Japan, USA and Germany. He moved to the US in 1982 and lived for over 20 years in Mount Shasta, CA. After shuttling between Paris and California for a few years, he made Paris his base in 2009. He teaches meditation and has a weekly radio show ‘Follow your joy’.

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Photo of lobster by Kate Mansury

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