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Sangeet presents her so very valuable editing business.


Sangeet may be best known in the community as the City Attorney on the Ranch and as someone who has worked for years to protect Osho’s intellectual property rights. But she has also been involved in many aspects of publishing over the past 30 years, with five books published in her own name and six ghostwritten for others. She has also edited a long list of books, articles, and doctoral dissertations, as well as working with other aspects of publishing, like permissions, packaging, fact checking, and creating correct citations. In that process she has a lot of experience working with people – including those who speak languages other than English.

Now, when she isn’t writing, she specializes in helping other people get published, whether they are working with a trade publisher, an academic publisher, a journal, or a hybrid or self-publisher. Details about her experience are available on her website.

She started editing and writing for the Rajneesh and then Osho Times back in 1987, when Osho gave her three books to write. She has edited the Viha Connection intermittently over the past 20 years, and has worked with several sannyasins on their books. As a writer she has had her work edited by many different people with different styles and knows how delicate it is to entrust a creative project to someone else. She offers honest and sensitive help to those who want to see their work in print.

SangeetSangeet writes regularly for the Viha Connection and the Osho News.


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