Money as a Spiritual Practice

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Mayuri is interviewed by Alex Howard on consciousness2 about her journey from worldly accomplishments in accounting to her spiritual journey, and developing her teachings in money and consciousness.

“We are driving a new money machine on the planet, a global machine that is not bound by countries but has grown into a whole world economy that is being run by basically corporations because there hasn’t been a political process, a matching one to go with globalisation, and so – kind of contradictorily – it feels like we are left with ourselves.

“So we need to take back our power around money and look at our issues and see how we can be more conscious in our money decisions – and if we all were more conscious in our money decisions, we would be voting in a way with our money and that would make a huge difference in the world.”

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“The very nature of ego, the very nature of personality is that it is deficient, because it is not our beingness. And when we are moving from personality, we always feel that there is scarcity, that there is something wrong with us, that we don’t have enough. So we move and try to fill that and try to fill that with more money, with more stuff. As long as there was enough ecology in the world the growth model of money worked fine with that, hand in hand. But we’ve seen with climate change and the ending of ecology that that growth model doesn’t work. So we have to reassess, and one of the ways to reassess is recognise we don’t need to go from that deficiency, that scarcity that is at the bottom of our ego structures.

“We need to recognise that we are in our deepest nature a being, that we are boundless, beautiful, joyful beings and that the nature of the universe is benevolent.”

Mayuri TNMayuri is a trained professional accountant and worked for 28 years in various accounting capacities. She took sannyas in Rajneeshpuram in 1985, and subsequently plied her trade in the accounting department in Pune. Through her international Logos of Money workshops she help people shift their perceptions and attitudes about money so that it can become a source of support rather than a stumbling block. She lives in Marin County, CA, USA.

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