Osho – The Solution for the Multiple Threats to Mankind


A seminar on Osho, arranged by Swami Ageh Bharti, was held at the prestigious Shahid Smarak Bhavan in Jabalpur, India, on May 1, 2016.

During the sixties, Osho used to speak in this auditorium at least once a month, and last spoke there on June 28, 1970, during his own civic honour event.1

Shaheed Smarak

The guests were welcomed with flower garlands by Swami Anand Vibhor and Swami Anand Hari. The event was presided by Acharya Dr. Krishna Kant Chaturvedi, retired Director of the greatly reputed Kalidas Academy, Ujjan; chief guest was Mrs Dr Swati Godbole, the Mayor of Jabalpur. A special guest was renowned Senior Advocate, Madhya Pradesh High Court, Jabalpur, Mr Rajendra Tiwari, while the main speakers were Swami Krishna Bharti, retired chief Engineer, M.P.Govt., and Swami Ageh Bharti, known to have been close to Osho all his life, and in particular during the Jabalpur years.

Jabalpur 1
Left to right: Adv Rajendra Tiwari, Swami Ageh Bharti, Acharya Dr Krishnakant Chaturvedi, Swami Krishna Bharti and Swami Anand Vibhor

The auditorium was packed and the guests lit oil lamps near Osho’s picture in honour of all the enlightened one’s of the past, present and future. An appreciative audience remained sitting silently and still from 7 pm to 10 pm.

The most popular anchor of the city, Shri Rajesh Pathak ‘Pravin’, announced – followed by long clapping – that it was a matter of great pleasure that two people who spoke on Osho’s civic honour day, i.e. June 28,  1970 were present today – Advocate Rajendra Tiwari and Swami Ageh Bharti (then known as Osho’s Shiv).

Jabalpur 2a
Left to Right: Advocate Rajendra Tiwari speaking, Swami Krishna Bharti, Mrs Dr Swati Godbole, Acharya Krishnakant Chaturvedi, Swami Ageh Bharti

Advocate Rajendra Tiwari addressed the audience, saying “Osho has joined all human beings on the earth together, cancelling caste, creed, religions and nations. It is the need of the day if man wants to survive. Osho’s love for the whole of mankind has been great and it has yet to be realized. I am sure the young generation will be for Osho.”

Maulshree Tree Jabalpur
The Maulshree Tree, Bhawal Thal Park, Jabalpur

The Mayor of Jabalpur, Mrs Dr Swati Godbole asserted, “Jabalpur has been the place of Seers. However, Osho has surpassed all for he cared to speak for the wellness of the entire human race, economically, physically and spiritually.” She also said that the municipal corporation is taking special care of the Maulshree Tree under which Osho attained enlightenment: “Its surroundings are going to be made more beautiful.”

Swami Ageh Bharti reminded the audience of Osho’s vision in detail, pertaining to various threats that earth is facing, viz the stock piling of atom bombs, global warming causing rise in temperature, the water levels of the oceans rising while underground water levels are being depleted, melting glaciers, terrorism and violence of all kind. He recited what Osho said repeatedly: New man or no man, there is no third alternative. And the new man will not come from the sky, you have to be new man, I have to be the new man. He will have no adjectives of caste, religion. He will belong to the earth, not to any nation. When man stepped on the moon that man should have declared one earth, one humanity, one government on the same day. Eighty prevent of the world’s budget that is allocated for defense needs be released for the wellness of human beings.

Jabalpur 3a
Swami Ageh Bharti speaking

He further referred to a BIS principle 2 that three scientists of Delhi University researched – where there is a mass massacre of animals, waves called  EPW  of certain frequencies are produced which cause earthquakes.  Ageh Bharti called upon the scientists of the world to find out what kind of waves are produced when innocent people are killed, where innocent girls are raped, where lovers are killed. Osho wants a meditation campaign all over the world to purify the atmosphere and man to be made happy, to be accepted as he is.

He mentioned that the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mr Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan recently stated that Osho is a gem of Madhya Pradesh; however, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reads Osho’s books, Ageh Bharti said he should publically take sannyas as did Emperor Ashoka when he went to Buddha’s feet. The whole world would then follow Osho’s guidance and vision. India would again become a world teacher and enormous wealth would come to India.

Swami Krishna Bharti explained the multiple, miraculous capacities of Osho as if all the Masters of the past had joined together and manifested in Osho to help mankind to protect the earth from destruction. He emphasized that if Osho is heard, the earth will not only be saved, but will become a paradise. Great responsibility lies on Osho’s people to spread the Master’s message and prompt waves of meditation all over the globe.

Jabalpur 4a
Left to Right: Acharya Krishnakant Chaturvedi speaking, Rajesh Pathak Pravin (the anchor), Swami Krishna Bharti, Adv Rajendra Tiwari, Swami Ageh Bharti

Presiding president Acharya Dr K.K. Chaturvedi said that Jabalpur is fortunate and proud that Osho chose to live here for the longest time of his life, i.e. for about 19 years.  He also remembered his college days with Osho when the latter was one year ahead of him. He said that it is surprising that Osho could do so much in such a small span of time. His teaching on love is simply superb and its great healing effect on present dangers can’t be denied.

He also commented favourably that after a very long time such a beautiful program on Osho had been arranged. For this Swami Ageh Bharti deserves thanks and in spite of his old age only he could have done it. He wished such events on Osho to happen frequently.

In conclusion, Swami Ageh Bharti thanked the audience for their attentive and peaceful listening and the guests for their valuable time to grace the occasion. And he thanked the two young sannyasins, Swami Anand Vibhor and Swami Anand Hari for their untiring efforts to make the event a success.

1 The Indian Honour System is primarily recognized by the Indian Government and is broadly classified into five types – Leadership, Literature, Civilian, Patriotic, and Particular
2 Bureau of Indian standards, the National Standard Body of India

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