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Satya Vedant attended and was one of the speakers during the recent International Medical Conference and Health Festival in Poland on April 16, 2016 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Vedant gave a speech on ‘Inner Ecology’ during the 4th edition of the conference titled ‘Mind, emotions and relations in the development and treatment of chronic and oncological diseases’, organised by the Foundation ‘Women andNature‘, and also conducted workshops on ‘Spiritual Parenting’ and ‘Here and Now’ as a part of the IX Health Festival. In 8 halls approximately 40 workshops were held simultaneously: about pranayam, yoga, Qi gong, Shiatsu, meditation, diet, holistic coaching, family constellation etc., and also creative programmes for children from age 5 to 15. 800 participants took part in the Festival.

Satya Vedant
Preeti with staff

Preeti Agrawal, M.D. PhD, is the founder and President of this Foundation and in her practice combines the best of western and eastern medicine. She lives in Poland since 1991 and is an Osho sannyasin since many years. She’s also a co-founder of the Integrative Medical Center in Wroclaw. Very well-trained staff there works on causes of disease and not just the symptoms. Unfortunately today both western and natural medicine seem to be focused solely on the body. A lot of time, money and hope is being invested in searching for new treatment methods. In spite of all the efforts, rates of death and suffering from cancer and chronic diseases are dramatically rising. The human being is a complex mixture of body, mind, emotions, relations, and health is related to harmony at all these levels. Hence finding solutions only at physical level is bound to be unsatisfactory. As Osho, Dr Preeti Agrawal is convinced that solutions of the health problems are inside of us, not outside; we are searching it in the wrong place. That’s why, in spite of material affluence, the modern world is depressed and ill. The Foundation and Integrative Medical Center hope to establish this new vision of harmony in individual and social life through health.

The Foundation ‘Women and Nature’ is a non-profit organisation promoting a holistic approach to life and health. Their motto ”By changing ourselves we change the world” determines the Foundation’s activity: building self-awareness regarding physical, mental, and spiritual healthcare, as well as supporting patients in achieving harmony in all areas of their personal, family and social lives. The Foundation also focuses on promotion of proven treatment methods that prevent health problems and improve the quality and safety of the treatment process. This activity is mainly manifested in the form of conferences, seminars and health festivals, as well as publishing activities: they have printed many books, booklets and films about holistic approach to health.

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