‘Super Love’ Summer at Risk


RISK’s new Festival Team introduce themselves and talk about the upcoming Festival (10-17 July 2016).

In Sudas’ article Osho Risk Turns 30! he talked about the history of the successful therapy centre and community in Denmark but also about future developments. We learned that a young team would take over the organisation of the Summer Festival. Of course we immediately wanted to know who this team was. Here is the answer in their own words.

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We are a strange bunch. You wouldn’t necessarily put us together to run anything! It’s a mystery how we found each other.

We all have our stories. We live in different countries and lead different lives:

Maggie, the bubbly blonde, is from Wales and lives in North West London, where she shares her home with a white cat and works as a therapist and writer.

Jivan, the tall, handsome one on the guitar, is a Swedish drummer and music teacher.

Ashika, the sparkling brunette with a mischievous smile, lived at Risk for seven years, before recently moving to Copenhagen, where she works as a writer and architect.

Mitta was born in Iraq and immigrated to Denmark as a young man. He now speaks fluent Danish – not an easy task, since this language is one of the most difficult in the world to learn! He works as a social educator and lives at Osho Risk.

Nadiya, the golden girl with the golden voice, the one in the middle, is Jivan’s partner and also shares his love of music and singing. She will be partnering him in arranging and performing all the music events.

We were invited to host a series of festivals to bring new energy to Risk’s popular programme. Reading between the lines, this means that the guys who have been running the place for the past 30 years are getting old! (LOL) They deserve a break and so asked us to help.

We feel honoured to move into this new exciting phase and we’ve already done a couple of the shorter festivals. So far so good! Now we’re gearing up for the biggie!

Risk’s Summer Festival is always the main event of the year and is bursting with live music, devotional songs, meditation and drama – on and off the stage.

The ‘Super Love’ Summer Festival runs for seven days.

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Risk Festival Programme

Every day there is morning Satsang, which is about meditating together and looking inside.

And every evening there is an alfresco café with a bar, a DJ and good hangout vibes. In the period between Satsang and the cafe, there is a choice of workshops from breathwork and bodywork to voicing, dance and movement. It’s going to be packed!

We also have a play by Subhuti that was first performed in Pune in the 90s, so even though we’re a young, dynamic team we do have space for a little quality retro.

If you love comedy, there will be a whole night of it, where anyone who thinks they can raise a laugh can get up and give it a whirl. Sannyasins are the world’s best audience – trust us on that – so you can’t really go wrong.

Last weekend, we all travelled to Osho Risk from our various homes to meet and finalise the programme. It was great to meet, see each other, connecting with the Risk family and the local Buddhafield residents, without whose support none of this would happen.

Here’s something we’d love you to try, if you’d like to help the festival:

  • Please check out the Osho Risk Facebook and ‘share’ the festival posts, especially the programme.
  • If you like our video clip where we sing “Love Is A Fire” then we’d be grateful if you would click ‘share’ on that, too. Tak! (Danish for ‘thanks’).

Making friends and celebrating life’s good moments is something we all love and that’s also part of the festival. Come and have a ball! We’d love to see you there.

Summer Festival info and booking: www.oshorisk.com

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