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Excerpt about the Centering Group in Pune from the book by Swatantra Sarjano ‘When A Real Lion Meets a Real Master’.

From Sarjano’s Introduction:
I have kept the narration in the third person for two reasons: firstly because it feels much better in this way and secondly because I simply want to be a witness, someone who just watches and then tells you what he has seen! Besides the joke (and who is joking?), what I’m trying to say is that in the end I decided to limit my personal story to a minimum, and to report only the most significant moments of it; hence I must have forgotten many people who were very dear to me, just to let the Master himself speak more, with his infinite simplicity and his infinite love.

He realized immediately that he wouldn’t have to wait for the Tantra Group to give vent to his sexual energy, because already during the Centering one could breathe in that aura of  extreme freedom of communication for which the ashram was rightly famous! In fact, every time the participants would all go together to have a shower, there was inevitably some little romance going on, or some little adventure, or a “quickie” to be consumed in ten minutes…

The big shower and toilet building contained twenty cubicles lined up along all the walls, plus a couple of small rooms with a door and a lock, hence whoever wanted to be alone could enter into one of them and even look the door with the key. So it then would happen that if he liked one of the girls in the group, he simply twinkled at her while she was having her shower with everybody else, and if she would answer in the same fashion, they would run into one of those little rooms, lock the door with the key, and start fucking like two rabbits, which means very quickly, because after ten minutes they were supposed to be back in their group!

The Centering Group lasted for five days; it was very amusing and full of surprises, with a lot of little games to be played in order to awake a little of your awareness, or at least to show to you just how unaware you are.

Vivek and Prasad
Vivek and Prasad

Prasad, the leader of this group, was a real angel, perhaps the most beautiful person he had ever met in the ashram, who showed infinite patience in his effort to awake, at least a little bit, more than one hundred people at the time.

One of the games he liked most consisted of partnering up two groups of people; the two groups were then told to stand opposite each other and at the two opposite sides of the room. From that moment on they were supposed to always keep eye contact with their partner, and to start advancing towards him or her, and – here is the trick – they had to move in slow motion, the slowest movements they could manage. Once in front of their partner, they were invited to make a deep namaste, and to tell their partner as if in a mirror: “Welcome, welcome to yourself!”

After that, they had to depart from their original partner in any way they preferred, but always in slow motion; at this point everybody was hugging each other slowly, slowly, and for a long time, and then they would move forward and repeat the same ritual with the next person they were going to meet. There were huge mirrors on all the walls and once everybody had met everyone else, the next instructions were to look at yourself in one of the mirrors, then start moving towards your own image, always very, very slowly, and once you arrived just in front of the mirror, bow once more with the gesture of namaste, repeating again, but this time to yourself, “Welcome, welcome to yourself!”

The result was such that in the end, saying these words to themselves, anyone could see how almost everybody was crying copiously in that moment, and without any control! Lastly, the group was residential in the sense that all participants left the room only in the morning and in the evening to attend Osho’s discourses, and then they would go back to their group room to eat the food that was being served, and finally everyone would go to sleep. Naturally during the night there was a continuous back and forth of couples looking for each other, and once found they would caress each other, make love, and all this without even sharing their name!

After the beautiful experience of the Centering Group, he immediately joined the second group, the Intensive Enlightenment, which was truly something incredibly hard for him! The group was scheduled for three days only, but it was spent in total isolation from the rest of the world; you were not supposed to leave the group room at all for these three days, and in addition you had to remain in complete silence all the time!

For a big mouth like him it seemed an almost impossible task, but he decided to throw himself totally into it with all his heart, because if Osho had given him this group, it certainly meant that there must be some gift for him there, hidden in some corner!

The present was indeed there, and it would become clear on the last day… but how to describe it? He had never been in silence for three days in his entire life, and this event was triggering a silent explosion:

Suddenly there was no Time anymore.
Suddenly there was no Space anymore.
Suddenly there were no more Divisions.
Suddenly there was no Life and Death anymore.
Suddenly everything was One.
Suddenly he had returned to the Source….

Yes, but how to tell you?
How to find the words to say it?
And if we leave it as a mystery, where does he belong to?
The only thing he could remember was a sweet sense of  being finally at home….
That journey was over, and now another journey was about to start.

Excerpt from chapter 1 of ‘When A Real Lion Meets A Real Master’ by Swami Swatantra Sarjano

Available at Osho World and Osho Viha

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