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Sneha reviews Miten’s new album which will be released on 9th September 2016 and is available also on his US and Canada tour.

Temple at Midnight by MitenTemple at Midnight is a wonderful collection of easy-going songs, sung straight from the heart with his slightly husky and warm voice. One of the songs most everybody will know: ‘Norwegian wood’ by the Beatles. I dare say that I like it almost as much as the original – it’s very mellow and gentle with a beautiful acoustic guitar and female background voice.

The other titles are new to me – all having wonderful names and lyrics with deep spiritual wisdom such as ‘The river is my teacher’ – with a beautiful rhythm one wants to dance to. And ‘No goal but this’ is pure blues – very grooving!

The next one is called ‘One step at a time’: if you play it first thing in the morning on a day with much ahead of you, you’ll relax immediately and be in a good mood and maybe even sing along. What a great reminder! ‘All is welcome here’ does this job as well.

‘Exactly as it is’ – a very sweet and tender love song to enjoy while ‘Humaniversal’ encourages you to dance your very own prayer. ‘Love is the fire’ is a rhythmic love song and gets you going and moving.

He also sings about the dance of life we all share, in ‘Nobody can’, whereas ‘Guruji’ is a soft and sweet devotional song for the master. And the last song, ‘Inescapable love’ again is groovy and rhythmic and tells us to “be a light onto yourself and shine upon the world.”

Miten explains in the description: “Temple at Midnight is about community and conveys my inner values and insights of a life lived against the mainstream. Why wait? Now is the time to shine upon the world!”

He certainly does this with his music! This CD is spiritual music in the best sense as it differs from the well-known celestial electronic New Age music. It is ‘whole music’ as opposed to ‘holy music’.

The songs are all down to earth with real instruments (guitar, piano, wind instruments, drums…) and inspire the listener to sing along, encourage us to enjoy this moment with an open heart and a smile on our face.

I dare say that you will listen to this CD again and again with abundant joy in your heart!

Review by Sneha for Osho News

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MitenMiten came to Osho after having left behind a successful life as a performing artist. After years of healing he eventually returned to music and composed many beloved songs which he dedicated to his master. Since 2000 he and his partner, Deva Premal, have travelled the world sharing their music. ‘Temple at Midnight’ is the couple’s 21st album release.

Miten is currently, together with Deva Premal, Manose and guests, touring the USA and Canada with concerts called ‘Shine a Light’; check out dates on devapremalmiten.com

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