Those Cars Fulfilled Their Purpose


Ninety-three Rolls-Royces… but I have not looked back at them, at what happened.

They were not mine, and I am as happy without them as I was with them. I never went to see those Rolls-Royces in the garage. The director of my garage, Avesh, is here. I went on saying to him, “One day I am coming,” but that day never came. I have never seen those cars together. It was he who would bring a car for a one-hour drive, it was his choice. And I have not looked back.


Those cars fulfilled their purpose. They created jealousy in the whole of America, in all the super-rich people. If they were intelligent enough, then rather than being my enemies they would have come to me to find a way to get rid of their jealousy, because it is their problem. Jealousy is a fire that burns you, and burns you badly. You are in the hands of somebody else.

I was just a tourist there, and I made the whole of America disturbed. They had enough money; they could have purchased more Rolls-Royces if they wanted. But they had no guts for that either. They were condemning me, saying that I am a materialist. And you will be surprised; one bishop who was continuously condemning me as a materialist, wrote me a letter, privately, saying, “It would be very compassionate of you if you could donate a Rolls-Royce to my church. It won’t make any difference to you – ninety-three or ninety-two – but it will make much difference to us.” And every Sunday he was condemning me. His condemnation was not about my materialism; his condemnation was to hide his jealousy.

The politicians, the rich, could have managed it for themselves – why were they worried? But the worry was that a tourist, who has not even a valid visa, has defeated all the super-rich; it hurts! If they were intelligent enough, they could have understood that there must be a purpose behind these Rolls-Royces. It cannot be just the one-hour ride. For that, one Rolls-Royce would have been enough.

Everything that I have done in my life has a purpose. It is a device to bring out something in you of which you are not aware.

Osho, Beyond Psychology, Ch 9, Q 1 (excerpt)

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