River of Love


Sarito has just come too; he’s the architect from America. He is grey-haired, has glasses; his energy feels young, in touch.

He asks Osho about his name (he was given sannyas by post so hasn’t heard the meaning in detail).

Osho darshan 26

Prem Sarito? It is one of the most beautiful names – it means a river of love. And love remains alive only while it is a river; when love becomes stagnant it dies. Love is only in the movement because love is a dance. Frozen, it is dead. Love is in the loving; it is not a noun, it is a verb.

[Osho says that as soon as you try to possess love, as soon as you take it for granted, it becomes stale and is no longer flowing…. ]

And the same happens in all kinds of love relationships – in friendship…. It can happen even in the relationship with the master. The honeymoon can end if you don’t understand that one has to remain in a flowing, river-like process. Otherwise the disciple starts taking the master for granted and the master starts taking the disciple for granted; then it is dead. Then the master is not a master and the disciple does not understand what love is.

With a real master it is always a flow. With a real master it is never a compromise, it is never an agreement, it is never legal; it remains open. And one never knows what is going to happen next – then there is great adventure.

That is the meaning of Sarito, so remain in that adventure. Then a man can remain young for his whole life. A man dies young then; even in death he is young.

He may be one hundred years old but that doesn’t matter: his youth is something of the inner. He remains supple, flexible. He is not a dried and dead thing – the juice is still flowing.

So remain juicy and flowing. That is the meaning of Sarito.

Sarito: It’s right on! Right on!

Osho, This Is It, Ch 26

Sarito left his body on 17th of October 2016 in Guatemala

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