He Has Never Been Lost

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (84).


All crutches bar the way.
Shun all support and then you will receive his.
He is the only help for the helpless.
There is no other guide but him – all other guides
are obstacles on the path.
If you want to reach the master avoid all teachers.

Osho looking down

Don’t be afraid to make yourself empty
for that alone is the door,
that alone is the path –
and that alone is the destination.

The courage to be empty
is all that is needed to become one with the all.

Those who are full stay empty,
and those who are empty become filled –
such are his mathematics.

Do not consider doing anything –
through doing you can never reach him,
nor through chanting,
nor through austerity,
for he is already here!
Stop and see!

To do is to run,
not to do is to halt.
Yes! If he were far away we could run to meet him,
but he is the nearest of the near!
If we had lost him we could search for and find him,
but to us he has never been lost!

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