Rainforest in Canada


Allan’s collection of photographs from the Pacific Coast of British Columbia.


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While I am aware that energy is everywhere, there is something about being surrounded by the immense firs or cedars of the temperate rainforest on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Since moving here twenty years ago, I have enjoyed hiking with my camera capturing the majesty and experiencing the uplifting energy of the forest. Listening to the runoff of water after a heavy rainfall, the creeks flooded and the waterfalls cascading among the tall trees, creates an aura of tranquility, a peaceful escape from the noise of civilization. The feeling of clarity is much the same as climbing a tall peak where the only sounds are what you are naturally surrounded by and, of course, your thoughts. What a perfect place to let go of those thoughts and be in the moment with the energy of nature.

Osho showed me many wonders, but the one I connect with the most was learning how to feel presence. I first felt Osho’s presence in Poona in 1979 when he gave me sannyas and feeling the energy of the Buddhafield. That clarifying moment opened me to a whole new understanding of who I was and how I related to life. The process of learning to feel existence redefined my life and gave me fresh purpose and meaning. From that moment on I knew that God or spirit was much more than just a taught belief, it was the very essence of life, the very nature of who I am.

As a photographer I have applied my experience of Osho to my images. Tuning into my subject whether it be a tree or a person gives me an opportunity to transfer that feeling onto a digital sensor. This is how I share my awareness of life. With love I share these images of the nearby rainforest.

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Allan ForestAllan Forest has been a photographer since 1971 when he graduated from the school of photography at Ryerson University, Toronto. Initially he focused on commercial studio photography and specialized in advertising and catalogue photography. He took sannyas in 1979 and frequently visited the commune in Pune. A few years ago he moved to the Sunshine Coast and currently freelances and takes landscape photographs. 24 of his photographs were published in the picture book, The Sunshine Coast.

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