Left the world to be the universe


Ragini shares one of her songs, written for Sakal.


So many falling blessings and leaves
And they say you left the world
Then what is this feeling of warmth in my heart
Whenever I desire to feel your presence
What is the meaning of this cool breeze
Filling my heart
So much love that keeps pouring through unlimited secret treasures of luminating lights
And they say you left the world
To be the universe… I know
And maybe that’s like a deeper desire coming true
The one wish to soar away
To be the silent rainbowish music
To dance like a joyful, free dancer
I can only touch the edges of my imagination
My own time is yet to come
Till then the locks are strong
My heart has a song
So much beauty in this life
And they say you left the world
I add… to be the magical universe!
Just the way it should be.

Music and lyrics (and featured illustration) by Ragini

RaginiMa Prem Ragini is a singer-songwriter, poet and a painter from India. She was initiated into sannyas by Swami Prem Sakal on 29 December 2015. All she wishes to do is love whatever she does and do what she loves. soundcloud.com/mapremragini

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