Osho Winter Festival in UK


The Osho Leela crew in Dorset, UK invites you to this year’s Winter Festival: 8-10 December 2016.

As the winter chill begins, we invite you to warm the cockles of your heart at this year’s Osho Winter Festival. Join us at Osho Leela in Dorset, UK for 3 days of meditation, music, loving connection, exploration and fun. Everyone welcome!

The Festival includes the following 16 workshops/events:

Bardic Tantra with Madhuri
A Lively Taste of Death with Archa
Ageless Vitality with Kimaya
Biodanza with Milarepa
Trance Dance with Archan
Comedy Improv with Prabuddho
Find your Voice – Find your song with Satyam
Paint & Play with Mala & Ushapa
Who is in? with Smaran
Shiatsu with Rajan
Live Nataraj with Sattva
Heart Dance with Yatro

The live music is such a beautiful and much appreciated aspect of this festival. Here’s a few images of the Satvaa Band doing their thing, the Ceilidh and the Saturday night show which last year had us all falling about laughing with Yatro, Amitabh, Vivek and Mala’s Little Red Riding Hood – with a twist!


Last year, Madhuri wrote this ‘fly on the wall’ article about her experience of the festival at which she was also a workshop facilitator (and coming back again this year!) Winter Festival at Osho Leela 2015

And here’s a few words from participants from previous Winter Festivals:

“Wild – wonderful – magic!”

“Nourished – surrendered – embracing the mystery.”

“A fun, spontaneous, active introduction to the spirit of Osho. Made it come alive.”

“I love the community, they make people feel welcome.”

“A real Osho Celebration!”

“Just so nurturing….”

“Powerful staff and programme guaranteed to open your heart and send your woes packing.”

“The December Osho Festival is my favourite event at Osho Leela. Thank you to all who make it the lovely event that it is every year.”

“Very well-organised and high-spirited.”

“It was such a reviving experience – spiritually, physically and mentally. Woohoo! Thank you.”

“A really ‘must do’ event for anyone interested in Osho.”

“A deeply nourishing, replenishing experience yet again! With lovely people and fun workshops.”

How can you resist?

And last, but not least, a ‘personal’ invitation from Tarisha, who is part of our wonderful in-house band, Satvaa:

Watch on YouTube

So looking forward to being with you.

Much love,
Prabuddho, Mala, Smaran, Sidika & Tarisha

Full programme and links for booking on oshoinuk.com

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