Voyages — 03 December 2016

…left her body on 16th of September 2016.


Anurag (Marianne Gala) was born in Czechoslovakia but lived in Germany since 1981, She took sannyas in Zurich in 1987 after her divorce from her husband. Daughters Daniela (Kalba) and Carin also took sannyas during that time. With her new partner, Sumaran, for numerous years she held Osho discourse evenings in Konstanz at Lake Bodensee. Later they moved to Freiburg.

In recent years she offered Tarot Readings – her great passion since she was a young woman. She loved to illuminate and clarify the intricacies of life with people. Many were touched and inspired by her friendly and open nature, her fine energy and confidence. She was always there for anyone and everyone when they needed her, flourishing in the love for community.

In October 2015 she was diagnosed with liver cancer. She did a whole lot of naturopathic, nutritional and supplementation therapy and, importantly, she took care of her soul medicine and got divorced. Her daughters, as well as her friends cared for her lovingly. Her circle of friends were a very important aspect during her illness; she was held by them and continues to be connected in their hearts. The staff at the palliative ward were impressed by her open dying process that she willingly shared with everyone.

Anurag left her body on a full moon evening in Freiburg, Germany. She wished to be held when she took her last breaths. Her face changed to a fairy-like smile and contentment in a matter of hours. The room was filled with intense love and light and we like to think she continues to exude just that. Going for life, not postponing, right here, right now! She fought with fierce determination emanating tiny particles of love into every atom.

Thanks for text and photos go to Carin


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Anurag, I loved your softness, your smile and your great heart! Even if we didn’t have a lot of contact, it was always a joy to meet you. So light, so shiny! Have a journey full of love!
Yasmeen Jitendra

Ich habe eben erfahren, dass Anurag ihren Körper vor über einem Jahr verlassen hat. Ich wollte gerne mit jemandem Kontakt wegen ihr aufnehmen, da ich sie als einen ganz feinen Menschen kennengelernt habe und gar nichts vom Sterben mitbekommen habe. Eventuell eine Tochter. Herzlichen Gruß,