Memories from Pune

Remembering Here&Now

A video made by the late Ananda Siddhartha (Oshostadt) ca. 1978/1979 in Pune. Music by Prem Joshua.

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We are here to help each other, and all these situations are good. These situations are human situations. This ashram is not to be a monastery where all situations have to be left outside the door. No. This ashram has to be a miniature world where every situation that exists in the world has to exist here also. Only then can I prepare you for the world, otherwise I will be destroying you. So anger, love, hate, fight, everything has to happen in this ashram.

This ashram is not against the world. It is a miniature world, a small world, a community where we are preparing everybody to be able to cope with the world, to be able to live in the world and live positively and affirmatively… to live and enjoy. Whatsoever the situation, our whole effort is to make you capable of passing through that situation unaffected, uncorrupted by it; in fact benefited, enriched by it.

There are monasteries in the world which are against the world. They create an alternate world; no fight, no anger, everybody is polite and everybody is nice, everybody is goody-goody. But everything is false, everybody is pretending, forcing. No, I am not for that.

I want real people here. And if grace comes, it has to come through being real, not through being hypocrites, not by pretending.

Osho, A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, Ch 27

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