Talk on Osho’s New Man


Ageh Bharti, widely sought-after speaker at colleges and universities in India, continues his travels despite his advanced age. Most recently he visited the Nursing College in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh.

The town is situated at the bank of the Sai river, southeast of Lucknow.

Ageh Bharti wrote, “Dr. Stuti Singh has been my Facebook friend since a while and she likes reading about my status. One day she requested for me to give a talk at her Nursing College in Rae Bareli, where 350 students are in attendance.

“Hence I finally met her in person when I arrived together with Swami Anand Vibhor from Jabalpur mid-November. From the first moment she behaved as if she’s known me for ages and I have no words to express her warm welcome to us. To me, she is a rare wonderful person in a thousand and one ways.”

Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh
Nursing College Rae Bareli
Ageh Bharti speaking

The Nursing College building is painted beautifully and surrounded by a lot of greenery and fruit yielding trees. The talk took place in the Auditorium, where about 300 students were already seated when Ageh Bharti was introduced. Dr. Ajay Pratap Singh (Dr. Stuti Singh’s husband) told the students that it was great opportunity for them to be benefitted by the lecture Ageh Bharti was going to hold, as he is one of the closest disciples of the most rebellious master Osho.

Excerpt of Ageh Bharti’s talk:

I am exceedingly pleased to talk to you all who are directly concerned with life. A medical doctor examines the patient within a few minutes but you are the ones who have to be in contact with patients for a much longer time. A doctor prescribes medicines but it is you who has to give the medicine to the patients, and a good nurse gives the medicine with love and care.

I am 83 years of age and have been an indoor patient several times in my life. I have experienced that a pleasant smile of the nurse also adds to cure the patient. You are lucky that your profession is one where you can serve. Many people try to find a way to perform any service to some needy people but usually they don’t find the time to do so.

However, you are not only a nurse, you are also a citizen of this world and you are related with the whole world. If something happens in any part of the world, you are affected. You might have not thought that way but if you are sensitive, you can feel it daily. Even the smallest event releases its waves into the atmosphere.

All people who practice meditation come to this realization that we all are interconnected. Today our planet is polluted not only physically (air, noise, water, global warming, etc.) but spiritually also. People are full of hatred, jealousy and all kinds of violence and this is due to lack of love for one another.

Osho talked repeatedly about a new man.  He said that either a new man will be born or there will be no man left on earth. So it is very important that we learn meditation and promote love to become a new man. Osho has devised 112 methods of meditation which are practiced by millions of people around the globe. If mankind is to survive, people have to meditate to purify themselves and the atmosphere, and spread love.

In deep meditation you realize that you are one with the whole cosmos. Remember, when you say that you are a Hindu or a Muslim or anything that separates you from the rest of humanity, you are becoming violent. We have to give up all the conditioning and declare to be human beings with no adjective whatsoever. If you can do that, it will be the greatest service to humanity. It is the most urgent need of the day.

Many students asked questions to which Ageh Bharti responded. Also, Vipassana meditation and watching the thought-process was explained and practiced.

Dr. Stuti Singh thanked Swami Ageh Bharti for throwing light on various vital issues and expressed her wish and hope that he would find time to come again and further guide all.

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