An idea appears from nowhere…

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A selection of artworks by Anandi. “I been drawn to the beauty of nature, mainly flowers in all shapes and colors, but now recently I have been attracted to abstract painting.”

Looking Out
Maui Bloom
Clematis in Purple
Rocks and Water
Happy Day
Clematis in White
Standing Tall
Rose in Bowl
Open Rose
Blossoms in Open Prayer

How amazing it is to create. An idea – more like a spark – appears from nowhere, a feeling of joy pops up and here you go.

All my life I’ve felt this creative pulsing in my veins. I have been attracted to all manner of self-expression over the years, including Chinese brush painting, mandala painting, and color consulting. Very recently I discovered my love of painting in acrylic and started learning different acrylic painting techniques. The play of colors and the interaction with each other fascinates me. The aliveness and vibrancy make my insides hum. I keep being drawn to the beauty of nature, mainly flowers in all shapes and colors. The delicacy and openness of a flower in full bloom keeps inviting me again and again.

I mostly paint on canvas or wood panel. I might start with a textured base to give it more dimensions. Often my creative process starts with taking my camera for a walk in nature, shooting away what attracts me. Back home I start playing with an image in Photoshop, shaping and molding it till I feel this inner tickle that tells me it’s time to paint.

Lately I see this attraction to abstract painting developing and it’s an exciting new world. There is so much to discover and I am loving every minute of it.

AnandiAnandi grew up in Germany, in a small village surrounded by green fields and forests. After going through a difficult childhood she discovered Osho in her late twenties. It saved her life. She stayed in Pune for long periods of times, doing groups, meditating and opening up to the beauty and celebration of life. After Pune she has spent many exciting years with her partner Yogena in Marin County, California, close to the ocean and bay with its natural beauty. Most of her days she paints but also enjoys long walks along the water and working in her garden.

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