Vinod Khanna to Spin Off a Franchise on Osho

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Vinod’s nephew Akhil Kapur will co-produce it along with Abhishek Kapoor who will also direct ithe movie. Reported by Sanyukta Iyer in the Pune Mirror on January 10, 2017.

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Vinod and Akhil
Vinod Khanna with nephew Akhil Kapur, director Abhishek Kapoor and Osho

Akhil Kapur, Vinod Khanna’s nephew and the cousin of Akshaye, Rahul and Sakshi Khanna, is gearing up to return to the screen next month with a film which will be mentored and co-produced by his uncle, who is also the creative advisor on the project. Planned as a franchise, it will trace the life of Vinod’s spiritual guru, Rajneesh. It will highlight two important phases in Osho’s life — the period in 1981 when he was threatened with punitive action by the Indian authorities leading to him leaving the ashram in Pune and setting up a new commune in the US. The second phase will follow his exit from the US in November 1985.

Two years ago, Akhil had debuted as an actor with Desi Kattey. Now, the 31-year-old graduate from the New York Film Academy and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, has decided to switch to production. “Growing up, he was constantly exposed to the teachings of Osho through his uncle’s stories. When he suggested a film on Osho, his uncle pointed out that one film would not do justice to the subject so they’ve planned a series,” informs a source close to the development.

A leading actor will play Vinod, an ardent follower of Osho who quit the film industry in 1982 to follow him to Rajneeshpuram in the US, where he was working as a cook, cleaner and gardener.

Abhishek Kapoor whose repertoire boasts of films like Rock On!!, Kai Po Che and Fitoor will helm the series of films and is working closely with Akhil on the script. “Abhishek was extremely kicked about the project and has also come on board as the co-producer of the film,” adds the source.

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