Why not jump into the colour well?

Art Gallery

Ragini shows her very colourful paintings in our art gallery.

Loving Fjords
Celestial music
Peace at heart
Stay home maybe
Norwegian Goa
Auroras in Rishikesh
Soaring love consciousness
Owl city
The blessed one
Burning Aurora Mandala
The crescent third eye
What is the time, you ask!

Painting was not the first thing I chose to do while growing up but I always knew in my heart that I could do a few things like paint, write songs and poems, compose, dance, and a few more things which I still need to try out.

Painting came into my heart last year. I had written enough songs so I felt like, “Why not jump into some other well, the colour well.” And so I started. Somehow I knew I wanted to paint what was in my heart, maybe it’s deepest emotions, maybe feelings I have already experienced or feel like experiencing. But, of course, most of the stuff happened on its own.

Most of the time I never knew what I was going to paint but knew that whatever would come out, it would be what it should be. Now it feels like that I could never paint the sky black or even use that colour more frequently, but maybe that’s just how it is now.

I fell in love with the auroras when I was a child – and I have often been asked if I have been to Norway – no I haven’t. I have always looked at the sky as if it was coloured. It is a reminder for me that the sky will always be a mystery because of its simplicity, as I wrote in one of my poems, ‘Flown away with the river, colors in the sky will take care.’

Another aspect about painting has been ‘aloneness’. I have experienced it personally while painting and this maybe is going to flower. Painting is so different from singing songs which is something you share in the company of your friends or on stage.

When I paint I just put down the colours as they come and I am surprised if it touches other people’s hearts. But I understand now that because it touches my heart it touches the other’s as well – our interconnectedness is subtle and deep.

RaginiMa Prem Ragini is a singer-songwriter, poet and painter from India. She was initiated into sannyas in 2015. All she wishes to do is love whatever she does and do what she loves. soundcloud.com/mapremragini

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