Looking in the Rearview Mirror

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A sannyasin has to relax to that total state of let-go when everything happens and nothing is done.

Much happens, miracles happen, but don’t ask me what to do. Ask me only one thing: “How to get out of the old rut of the mind?” And it consists of question and answers; it is a question-and-answer game.

Slip out of the mind like a snake slips out of the old skin. The mind is always old. It belongs to the past; it is not in the present, it has no future. Mind means the past, the dead.


Mind is like a rearview mirror in the car. If you go on continuously looking in the rearview mirror, you are bound for a great disaster. The car has to go ahead, and you will be looking in the rearview mirror at the road that you have already passed, at the dust on the road that you have raised. That is not the way you are going, and you are not looking where you are going. Disaster is absolutely certain.

And this is happening in everybody’s life. You go on reading the Vedas – that is looking in the rearview mirror. Five thousand years have passed, and still you go on looking at the Vedas, you go on reading the Bible, you go on reciting the Koran, you go on discussing Kanad, Kapil, Aristotle, Plato, Confucius, Ma Tzu… but all this is sheer wastage of time.

Look at the present.

This very moment God is within you and without you.

And if you can live this God in total serenity, in total attunement, at-onement, you would know the ecstasy that I am talking about, the bliss, the benediction.

Osho, Come, Come, Yet Again Come, Ch 15, Q 1 (excerpt)

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