Humour — 01 April 2017

Nobody saw this coming…

This was our April Fools’ joke this year.

This year we will give a miss to our popular 1st April article (the most successful on Osho News was: Oprah visits Oshodham in 2013).

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) suggests all media outlets to abstain from this tradition, at least for this year. Regrettably journalists will miss the freedom to let their creativity soar high this one day of the year and readers will miss the extra alertness needed on 1st of April to discern the real from the fake and then take pride when they have spotted the hoax.

These are the reasons given:

  1. In the current atmosphere of mistrust towards the media it would be detrimental to add more excuses to be bashed.
  2. Readers already have a hard time in keeping apart actual real news from fake alternative news. It would be unfair to give them this extra task, even for one day.

May the climate in the media and politics settle by next year, so that we can tease you once more. Read here a selection of April Fools articles from 2016:

Your Osho News Team