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Devika’s experiences in Devageet’s new mystery school.


It was a fifteen-minute mini session, one evening at the Multiversity Fair in Pune, that turned me on to Devageet’s groups. I loved the Multiversity Fairs held under the night sky full of stars in Buddha Grove, with the wonderful live music played by the musicians, creating a magical atmosphere in the background. I usually chose reflexology, but that evening that wasn’t on offer, so I chose what I thought would be a relaxing trance session instead. I didn’t know it was one of Devageet’s sessions at the time I booked it.

It wasn’t even Devageet who gave the session but Unmatta, one of his trainees. As soon as the session started, I went into a deep relaxation which became deeper still as the session continued. I can’t even remember what was happening in it now, except that it felt as though I disappeared into another mystical realm, another dimension, and when I opened my eyes, Devageet was standing there; I felt suddenly as though I was flipped – transported into a past life. Some memories came back to me of something from what felt like centuries ago. The experience was so powerful, and so real, and so unexpected, and so amazing, that in that moment I was in a state of shock. I knew I had to do more of this work with him. It was also as though I had seen something from another time that was unfinished, and had suddenly remembered something that I needed to go back to and complete.

I found out later, that just before Osho left the body, he gave Devageet a transmission of a new kind of work to do. Devageet calls it: The Akashic Transmission. Osho said to him, “You will find a way to help people release memories blocked in the cells of their bodies, from this life and past lives, so that their meditation can go deeper and physical illness from those memories can be healed; even those from the future.”

After that mini session, at Devageet’s suggestion, I first of all participated in a past-life workshop with him at an Osho Meditation Centre in Italy. He gave us whole group trance sessions in which we climbed down nine steps and entered a door where we found ourselves in another life and another time. We shared our experiences in the group and after receiving several sessions, we became aware that we are repeating patterns throughout our many lives because of unfulfilled desires and unfinished business. We realised that old beliefs and conditionings prevent us from living our lives as freely as we would like to.

Since that time, I have been following Devageet around the world wherever he leads workshops. I have also had many individual sessions with him. The trance experiences often continue in my sleep at night in vivid, detailed dreams which seem sometimes to be of memories, both recent and ancient. One of his regular phrases in the trance sessions is, “If there is anything in this session that cannot be completed now, it will be completed tonight while you sleep.” Or, “If there is anything that cannot be completed now, then let it be kept safely until it can.”

Each day in the group begins with Dynamic Meditation. When I first started working with him, I had not done Dynamic for years. I was always working in the Commune in Pune in the past, and had not done any workshops for a long time, so I was not looking forward to doing the Dynamic. I was surprised to discover that, after a few days, my body became used to it; I reached to another layer of energy in which I found I was actually doing the meditation better than I had ever done before, when I was younger and fitter! Dynamic Meditation became easier and easier in the groups, as though my body was loosening up. I was delighted about that, too.

After Dynamic, we have breakfast and then are back in the group room at 9.30 am for Geet Chung. This is a half-hour trance session given by Devageet to the whole group, while we are sitting in a circle around a large colourful mandala made of cloth. Geet Chung is the name he has given to this session where he guides us into deep relaxation through the physical body. I love this first trance session in the morning as it prepares us for the whole day.

In the afternoons, there is Kundalini, of course, and a video of Osho speaking in the evening. We also have a half-hour session of high energy dancing in the afternoons that wakes us all up after lunch. Meditation is really important for therapy groups and Osho emphasises this. There is a synchronicity of energy in the groups – it is the meditations that create the energy field.

Devageet’s whole emphasis is that we should remain conscious throughout all the trances; this is not hypnosis, and we are not to slip into unconsciousness. However, sometimes I have found that, for a few split seconds during the Geet Chung, I have experienced mini dream-like visions – as though pictures are coming up from my subconscious mind. It is amazing to watch them. Sometimes I have seen even that my subconscious mind seems to have a sense of humour – for instance, once in the Geet Chung, for a split second, I saw a vision of somebody carrying a cup of tea on a tray to wake me up the very moment Devageet brought us out of the trance!

On another occasion I saw an image of a human hand reaching out in front of me holding a golden key to open my heart. Devageet was just saying something like “allow your heart to open.” I was seeing for the first time, how creative the subconscious mind is in creating pictures in our dreams and memories, to bring messages to our conscious mind. I was able to see that my subconscious mind can really become my friend, and in seeing it at work, I can come to learn more about my entire being.

In many of the workshops, Devageet works with individuals, giving individual trances while the rest of us watch, instead of whole group trances. This happens especially in the Transomatic Starlight Dialogue groups, where we access memories from childhood and go back in time in the trance and change the situation ‘with the power of now’, as Devageet says, confronting the situation and the people involved, comforting the child and changing the attitude and emotions of the child in that moment – so healing old wounds.

As well as workshops involving childhood memories, past-lives, dreams and Bardo, Devageet offers trainings. In these trainings, which I have also done, we learn how to give the sessions ourselves, by working with partners. I loved the Past-Life and Transomatic Starlight Dialogue trainings, but my favourite training, which I did twice, was called Transomatic Starlight Dream Dialogue. In this particular training, we work with our dreams in great detail.

Since learning how to do this, I have regularly kept a dream diary, writing down my dreams at night and working with them in the morning. These sessions involve trances in which a participant recalls a dream and dialogues with the elements in the dream, asking each one why they are there, what their function and purpose is in the dream and in life, and what message they have for the dreamer.

There are dreams which seem to come from mundane, every-day life, and there are dreams that even seem to come from the superconscious where we are all connected. Dreams have messages for us coming from the subconscious to the conscious mind.

It is sometimes such a surprise to see what my subconscious mind is trying to tell me. The messages give us insights into our own desires, fears and conditionings and so help us let go of them. Buried memories surface unexpectedly, giving us a deeper understanding of ourselves and of life.

If I were asked what I have learnt from participating in so many workshops and trainings with Devageet, I would like to say that as well as learning how to give the sessions, I have had so many mystical, magical experiences both during and after the sessions that have filled me with wonder. This work has helped me to see the universe through new eyes, with a new joy and gratitude for the adventure of being on this wonderful, never-ending journey and pilgrimage with Osho.

Devageet’s work is based in what he calls the Akashic Field energy: a dimension which he says is all around us continuously. Through releasing body-mind memories, we can dissolve blocks in our many energy bodies and go deeper in our meditation. This happens not only through dialogue with the higher consciousness during trance, but also through the powerful Osho energy which is so tangible in the groups and sessions. Devageet calls it ‘a Buddhafield’ and ‘a Mystery School’, and it really is. There was a mystery school in the Pune Commune years ago initiated by Osho. I worked on the periphery of that for a while, until it moved to Sedona. Devageet’s is another mystery school, also initiated by Osho, and just as strong and powerful and wonderful as the first one. It is for me ‘Osho’s new mystery school’ and those of us who are experiencing it are very fortunate indeed.

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Devika in 2017Devika travelled overland to India and took sannyas in July 1976, when she was 22 years old. She had worked as a qualified primary school teacher for one year in UK after studying Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Education as her main subjects at college in Bristol. Since that time, in between travelling regularly to India to meditate and work in Osho Commune, she has worked as a teacher in schools, and more recently, as a carer for the elderly. She is the author of Love Song for Osho (2009), The Road East to India and a children’s ghost story called The Haunted Painting on the Wall (2016).

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