…you will do something stupid!


“You can be here, you can be on the Moon, you can be on Mars, you can change outer things – it makes no difference,” says Osho.

Osho 23

Somebody smokes, you may not smoke; then you start chewing gum. It is the same stupidity. Or you may stop chewing gum, then you start doing something else. But because you are the same, nothing is going to change. If you go to the Moon you will do the same stupid things that you are doing here. Everything will be different and nothing will be different.

A couple has been captured by a flying saucer from Mars and are taken to the living room of the spacecraft. There they are received by a Martian couple, are offered green drinks, and begin chatting. After several drinks, everyone relaxes. The man from earth asks the Martians,

“How do you procreate?”

“My wife and I will demonstrate for you,” answers the Martian.

They go over to a refrigerator-like closet and the female picks up a bottle containing brown liquid and the husband picks up a bottle containing white liquid. They go over to a table where there is an empty jar. Each pours the liquid into the empty jar.

“Now we put the jar in this closet,” explains the Martian, “and in nine months we will have another baby. How do you do it on Earth?”

So the earth couple demonstrates for the Martians. They take off their clothes and lie down on the floor with the man on top of the woman. As they are coming and going, they notice the Martians are laughing at them.

“What are you laughing at?” they ask.

“Excuse us,” they answer, “but we find it very funny because that is the same way we make coffee!”

You can be here, you can be on the Moon, you can be on Mars, you can change outer things – it makes no difference. Either you will make love in a stupid way or you will make coffee in a stupid way, but you will do something stupid!

Unless intelligence arises in you, unless your unconsciousness is transformed into consciousness unless your darkness disappears and becomes light…

Osho, Tao: The Golden Gate, Vol 1, Ch 1

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