Ma Prem Sambodhi


…left her body on 13th August 2017.

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Our beloved friend, Ma Prem Sambodhi, died after battling with cancer for many years. In the last weeks, her body got weaker and weaker until she departed softly and peacefully. Her beloved partner Markus was with her.

Sambodhi took sannyas in the very early eighties and went to the Ranch in 1985. In 1988 she visited Pune and was part of the Mystery School and later the School of Mysticism. She gave Reiki sessions and initiations and led groups. One of her favourite tasks was working in Osho’s Samadhi.

In the late nineties she moved to Sedona and became part of the Osho Academy to then return to Germany, in 2008, for health reasons. Although she had to undergo operations and chemotherapy, she did not give up hope nor courage; and loved and enjoyed life even with cancer. Whenever she could, she travelled, spent time with friends, gave sessions and heart meditations at the Osho Uta Institute in Cologne.

A short time after she had moved back to Germany she met her beloved, Markus. Their connection has been a great gift for both of them.

Fashion and choosing beautiful clothes for herself and her friends was a great enjoyment for her. She also expressed herself creatively through painting – another aspect of her sensitivity for colour and beauty.

Sambodhi was a heart full of love. Her capacity to love and enjoy many types of people was her greatest gift. She showered on all of us. Her ability to listen with empathy was remarkable.

As a meditator, Sambodhi used her situation with cancer to deepen her inner journey, face her fear of death and, finally, overcome it.

When her friends heard that she was passing away, the wave of love, tears and support was huge. Many from all around the world came to say goodbye and sit with her. Accompanying her in her last days was a blessing for everyone; it was like a satsang. We were all so touched by her depth of relaxation and acceptance. We will miss her.

A celebration for Sambodhi will be part of the weekly Sunday morning satsang at Osho Uta in Cologne, 20th August, 9:30am.

Text credit to Parampara and friends – photos credit to Parampara, Praphulla and Sumano – connection thanks to Anandi, Parna and Aviram


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Here is a photo, separate from the others because it needs an explanation (a caption). Parampara writes: “The photo was taken one week before her passing. In that week, Sambodhi still sometimes had “Gelüste” as we say in German. She craved for a beer, so, we shared a bottle of beer on her deathbed and had fun. She celebrated until the very end; she was even laughing.”

Sambodhi with of beer

It had been so easy to have fun with Sambodhi. I still can hear her laughter and her kind of ‘Frankfurt’ dialect! Dressing up for Carnival in the 90s in Poona, playing around in the Mystery School there too, unforgettable fun we had! It does live on in me… Thanks Beloved! You made the world a better and fun place to be!

Hello my friend,
I have tears in my eyes as I read about your death. Any time we got together, it was as if we had never left each other’s company.
Last time I saw you was back in Sedona. I asked Leela back in May while in Miasto. She shared about your been in Germany and your healing journey. I wish I had gone to Germany then, to be in your loving presence! Much love opens in my heart! Thank you for your short visit to this plane! See you soon to celebrate and laugh!

Beloved Sambodhi, thank you for modeling a courageous way to live, and to let go. Love.

Thank you for you, Sambodhi! VB and I and others laughed so much with you during Osho Academy’s glory days in Sedona. The dance goes on and on! Love,
Shunyo Mahom

Farewell, Sambodhi, and thank you for the giggly love you shared to the end.

Beloved fellow traveler, Sambodhi, I miss you. You are my friend and thank you for all the beautiful moments spent together! What an Osho Lover, what a big heart you are. You are always in my heart. I wish you that your inner journey goes on, with much love, life & laughter!
Ma Mukto

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