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Osho answers questions asked by a member of the press in Mumbai after he returned from his world tour. “I am an anarchist. I want to see humanity without being governed by anybody, because each government basically means slavery…”

Osho Sumila Mumbai

After you left India and went abroad, and went through all your experiences, has your faith in humanity gone down?

I love humanity more than ever. It has grown. But my conception about the politicians has certainly gone down the drain. They are the enemies of humanity. The humanity has to be freed from the chains of politicians and their presence. Going around the world from one nation to another, I have seen that every nation has been turned into a concentration camp by the politicians. But as far as humanity is concerned, my compassion and my love for it has grown deeper.

Humanity is a victim of power-seekers; of those mad people whose only ambition in life is their ego. The whole politics is nothing but an ego game. If we can live without politicians – and they are not needed at all – we can live without the boundaries of nations. Humanity is one. We can live as one world. Of course functional management will be needed but governments are not needed. And by functional management I mean like the management of the post offices, railways. You don’t even know who is the chief of your post offices. There is no need. He is a functional servant.

The politicians are continuously wasting time of humanity for their own interests. The parliaments of the world are doing nothing. They are gossiping clubs with great fanfare. The presidents and prime ministers have nothing to do but inaugurate stupid things – bridges, roads – this kind of thing can be done by anybody.

I am an anarchist. I want to see humanity without being governed by anybody, because each government basically means slavery. Education should be such that each person is capable of being responsible for his own actions. Responsible for order, responsible for others with whom he lives. There is no need of any government.

I am reminded of an old president. He was sick and his friends and his family were consistently persuading him for a holiday, but he will not go for a holiday. They could not understand his resistance. They said, “You are sick, you need rest in the hills, in a better climate, unburdened, with all your political rubbish.”

The president said, “You do not understand. If I am away for three or four weeks, the whole country will understand I am not needed. I am not here to serve the country but to keep the impression that without me the country will fall apart. But if the country can see that for four weeks that old guy has been in the mountains and the country is running far more beautifully, I will look useless, futile.”

I do not have any respect for any politician in the world. I have much more respect for beggars on the street. They are the real humanity.

When you talked of politicians and political leaders, could this also apply to religion and religious leaders? In our own country we see that it is because of religion that there is so much strife in so many places. And this has been seen elsewhere also.

What you have been told is religion is nothing but politics in disguise. A religious person is not a leader. Because the basic experience of a religious person is that religion is an individual affair. A love affair with existence. It does not need any leaders. Do you need a leader when you fall in love? If you need then, you are in an urgent state of psychiatric help. Religion is love with existence. There is no need of Hinduism, and their shankaracharyas. This is another kind of hierarchy, bureaucracy, another way of dominating man, enslaving humanity. There is no need of any pope, any church. But you will be surprised, a few days before, the pope declared that any Catholic Christian, confessing to God directly is committing a sin. He should confess to the priest. The priest is the mediator. And he is in direct contact with God. Do you see the politics? Even with God you cannot relate directly.

Perhaps some day the painters will start saying to you, you cannot see the sunset directly. It is a sin. You should have a mediator. All religions are a very deep programming for enslaving human spirituality. The politician tries to dominate your body and the religious leader tries to dominate your soul. Nothing is left for you. There has been a conspiracy since the very beginning between the politician and the priest. These are the greatest criminals in the world. And sooner we get rid of them, the better. There is no need to be a Hindu, or a Mohammedan or a Christian, or a Buddhist. To be silent, to be peaceful, to be full of love and compassion needs no adjective to it. Because compassion is compassion only. It is not Christian. It is not Hindu. And to be silent you don’t need your scriptures. In fact they are not allowing you to be silent. They go on pouring crap in your mind. What is the need of temples and mosques and gurudwaras and churches and synagogues? The whole existence is the temple of the divine. Wherever you are, if you are in a state of prayer you are in the temple. All these temples and churches are businesses. […]

Politics and religion are the two most ugliest developments, the greatest diseases that have happened to poor humanity. I would like you to be your own government – conscious, alert – so there is no need of any government. And I would like you to be your own self, in immediate and direct contact with existence. So there is no need of any pope, any shankaracharya, any imam. If these two businesses – which are almost like cancer growths – can be destroyed, humanity can be saved. And if they cannot be destroyed, then they are going to destroy humanity.

Osho, The Last Testament, Vol 6, Ch 10, Q 1

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