The ultimate time of human crisis


Excerpt from Arjuna’s (John Hogue) newly released book, ‘A Spiritual Rebel’s Manifesto’: “A gathering of meditators and a spread of consciousness around the world has never been more needed than now.”

Street meditation, Zurich

Time is running out.

What Osho long foretold has begun. As predicted, and every year since we passed the year 2000 has seen a magnification of the old humanity moving into an auto-suicidal mode.

These times have arrived. A gathering of meditators and a spread of consciousness around the world has never been more needed than now.

The Buddhafield must grow stronger as the Misery Field reaches its self-destructive crystallization around the world – The Mind Plague. Those of us who bore witness to the birth of Osho’s Buddhafield experiment all the way back on that December morning in 1977 or have joined it ever since need to be its joyous messengers by example. No missionary is needed. Simply be yourselves, loving, witnessing, and celebrating life each moment with laughter as our prayer. Seriousness and pontification need not be our dis-ease.

We are at the threshold of the 2020s. It will be the most dramatic decade of human reckoning. Does humanity destroy itself, or will it plant the seed of a Buddhafield that gives birth to a new humanity flowering in every heart that beats?

It is now, more than ever before, that people will be ready to take a jump into religious experimentation because this is the ultimate time of human crisis. The coming 2020s will see unprecedented strains on traditional society. If Osho’s Buddhafield can continue to grow, there’s every possibility that millions of people seeking alternative answers will crowd the growing network of Buddhafield communities in the near future.

Twenty-three years before the new millennium dawned, a vision of such a future may have danced before Osho’s eyes when in December 1977¹ he closed his first discourse on the Buddhafield with this declaration:

“We are at the threshold of something new that is going to happen to humanity. Either humanity will die and disappear, or we will take a jump, a leap, and a new being will be formed. We are exactly at the same point as millions of years ago when monkeys came down from the trees and humanity started and a new being was born. Again the moment is coming very close. It is a very dangerous moment, because there is every possibility… It was possible that the monkey may not have survived on the earth, he may have died on the earth, but a few monkeys took the risk. And they must have been thought of as fools by other monkeys – hmm? – who had always lived on the trees and were perfectly happy. They must have thought, ‘These people are going mad, crazy. Why in the first place are you going to live on earth? Why create unnecessary trouble for yourselves? Our fathers and their fathers and their fathers have all lived on the trees.’

“Again the same situation is going to happen. Man has lived a long time the way he has lived. By the end of this [twentieth] century, a critical quantum leap is possible. Either man will die in the third world war or man will take the jump and will become a new man. Before that happens, a great Buddhafield is needed… where we can create that future.”

Before he died, Osho predicted that he would be dissolved into his people, that wherever you met one of his sannyasins, or imbibed the tangible silence of one of his Buddhafield communities, there his presence would be, shining in the bright faces of his people, celebrating their passion for life, and meditating in their silences. By establishing a Buddhafield that shows no significant sign of diminishing because of his death, but evolving into new realms like cyberspace, Osho may be setting a new standard for all future gurus of the Aquarian Age. They may take his lead and dissolve any cult of messianic personality into the transpersonal phenomenon of their own versions of future Buddhafields.

The master in all of his actions is a means for remembrance. The future will gauge the success of masters of the Aquarian Age when their final gift, their physical departure from this earth, works to liberate the disciples from attachment to their bodies, and the danger of becoming just another distortion called “the Messiah” of another, spiritually dead, established religion, bereft of ‘religiousness’.

¹ The Diamond Sutra, Ch 9

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